Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Melbourne's custom made furniture specialists for outdoors and garden areas. Making quality furniture to your needs and specifications.

Ironbark sleeper setting with benches all round

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TK Tables custom make solid outdoor furniture in a range of styles that will both look good and stand the test of time. Our custom made outdoor furniture is made from 50, 75 and 100mm thick timbers like ironbark, redgum and treated pine and even recycled railway sleepers. These provide a lovely rustic look and look great in any outdoor setting.


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Whilst we have many existing designs, we encourage everyone to contribute. Custom made furniture is all about meeting your needs and allowing you to have a say in your design. It is custom made to your requirements and not ours and in that is where we are different to other furniture manufactures in Melbourne.

The photos speak for themselves, this furniture is built to last. Quality construction together with quality hardware makes us expect it to be around for years looking as intended. We cater both for commercial clients and the public. TK Tables produces the best sleeper range of custom made furniture Melbourne has to offer. In fact we are the only true manufacturers of heavy duty furniture made from sleepers in Melbourne.

Our solid custom made furniture is 100% made here in Melbourne Australia and not imported and resold. When we say solid or heavy duty, we mean just that. We don't make ornate intricate and thin outdoor furniture simply because it won’t last the harsh outdoor conditions or prolonged heavy duty usage.

Our custom made garden furniture is designed to be bulky and is made from durable timbers that will withstand the great Australian outdoors. Our custom made outdoor furniture is designed to withstand heavy usage and remain rigid and firm for years to come whist providing a high level of comfort and adding aesthetic value to the surroundings.

We are Melbourne’s only manufacturer of solid custom made furniture made from recycled railway sleepers and timber in the 50, 75 and 100mm thickness and in our view this makes us the only truly heavy duty custom made furniture manufactures that live up to their claim.

Each bench, seat or table is handmade timber furniture that will inspire and last for life. Check out the other seats and tables that make us Melbourne's outdoor furniture specialists.

TK Tables prides ourselves on working closely with our clients to create contemporary/traditional bespoke furniture to suit your home or business needs. Our custom made furniture is not only unique, it represents quality and style at affordable prices. Our photo gallery speaks for itself, you are not buying off the shelf furniture and there is no show room. The process normally starts with a conversation so ring today to get your project happening.

What makes us different in the crowd from other Melbourne based custom made furniture specialists is the simple fact that we do not just sell furniture as a product to our clients, we provide them customization as a service. We help you give your furniture a unique outlook and turn your imagination into a reality which gives the furniture that very coveted stamp of your own individuality in every piece.

Our custom made furniture designers are not just professionally sound, they are creative specialists who not just respect your taste and dream for your living space but they also have the deep understanding of just how to give you the perfect combination of sturdy and reliable furniture that is also aesthetically pleasing in the most classic manner possible.

Quality is the crux of our service and we maintain the highest possible standards in our furniture by using solid timber that is known to stand even the most testing of weather conditions. Your needs being uppermost in our mind we turn your vision into reality in the most satisfying manner possible. Anything that you have in mind - a design that you envision for your garden or patio or a table that you think will look perfect by your poolside – you can simply provide us with the basic concept and our custom made furniture specialists will be happy to accommodate you in the most inclusive manner possible. Customer satisfaction is the core of our service and we work really hard to achieve it with every single project that we handle.

Our designers are people who have the deepest understanding of their profession and with that they carry years of experience which provide them the expertise to handle special requests like a tricky shape that you need for your table or a combining seating with tables and planter boxes. We provide you the unbeatable combination of convenience and creative designs that is extremely hard to find in today’s crafty retail outlets.

By working together from the outset you can rest assured that your requirements will be met in the best manner possible without you feeling imposed or restricted by our views. Success today is all about being customer focused and providing them what they want, that is why we work really hard to please our clients.

The range of custom made furniture available at TK tables is surely going to influence your choices - from rustic railway sleeper garden seat made from recycled railway sleepers to heavy duty furniture tables and coffee tables, we give you a wide range of outdoor furniture that not just looks good but is guaranteed to survive the worse outdoor conditions.

Our customer satisfaction promise and our price match guarantee are all commitments that we have made because we believe in our products and know that we represent excellent value for money and a quality finish that is unparalleled. This commitment of providing quality products at affordable prices is a combination that is unique and extremely difficult to find not just in Melbourne but anywhere in Victoria or for that matter Australia.

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