Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Outdoor timber table and seats combos.

Sizes are only indicative as we build to order.

Item Material and timber size Description Price
'A' Frame
Timber Picnic Tables
Conventional 'A' frame timber picnic tables
Treated Pine,
 Red Gum,
 Ironbark/Greygum ,
 Vic Ask & Tas Oak,
 and various sleepers 190x45
90x45 200x75 
We make 18 versions of the standard 'A' Frame Picnic Table in 2 length options. From commercial ones for Parks and Gardens to exotic ones for that special area, check the exact measurements, designs and prices here. In general we only make sturdy tables from a minimum of 45mm thick timber. We don't produce thin gauge cheap versions as we expect our tables to last. From
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The Sleeper T Frame Special
Solid timber sleeper picnic table

over a dozen sleepers to these outdoor tables
New Treated Pine Sleepers
New Ironbark /Greygum Sleepers 200x100 or 200x75
The ultimate in outdoor picnic table and attached seats. Solid and maintenance free, this table is made entirely from 200x100 new Treated Pine Sleepers It requires a big space as the table is 2.4m long and 1.0m wide. Add on the 2 sleepers on each end for seats and the overall width is 2.0m Table top and seats are bolted from underneath with 12mm galvanised coach bolts. The table is braced with 4 x solid triangle blocks underneath. Timber finish is lightly sanded. From
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Compact Heavy Duty T Frame Tables
Solid compact outdoor tables

cafe style outdoor tables
Made from Treated Pine  Ironbark,Greygum Red gum Recycled railway sleepers This substantial design is maintenance free and extremely durable. Table length of 1.8m and 600mm wide table top. Extremely easy access and a compact design has seen it become a favourite for cafes 75mm thick versions are slightly cheaper.

These are extremely popular with cafes and other dining areas where a low maintenance compact table is required.
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Steel Framed Picnic Tables
Steel and timber combination picnic tables
Steel frame with a variety of timber top options A 6 seater combination that is perfect for any commercial public area or back yard patio. A solid steel frame with generous seats and table top. Available in a range of timbers.
1800mm long x 1700mm wide across the benches.
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No Top Screws A Frames !
high quality finish picnic tables with separate benches
Made in Treated Pine, Hardwood Ironbark/greygum and/or Merbau This range of A Frames includes picnic tables with separate movable benches as opposed to the conventional A frame with attached seats. Great if you just want to move the benches around without lugging the table as well. These are high end quality units. This range used 140x45mm legs and supports rather than the 125x75 used in conventional tables. From
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Solid Cross Legged Tables
Crossed Leg timber Tables
Treated Pine These solid treated pine tables are versatile and can make perfect outdoor settings. They can be purchased in a range of sizes and with matching chairs if required to make a dinning set. From
$1,345 + chairs
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Solid Post Legged Tables
Post leg outdoor table
Treated Pine Similar to the above, these solid treated pine tables are versatile and can make perfect outdoor settings. They can be purchased in a range of sizes and additional trims From
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Backed A Frame Timber Picnic Table
A frame timber picnic tables with back support
Treated Pine 190x45
A real comfortable A frame timber picnic table with an adjustable back support to make it easier to relax. The table is 1.8m long with the frame made from 90x45 treated pine and the table top, seats and back made in 190x45 treated pine. Bolted together with 10mm galvanised bolts this is both solid and comfortable. It requires minimal maintenance in its natural state. Timber finish is lightly reeded. $1,750
Square Picnic Table
square picnic tables
Hardwoods and Treated Pine This design can be built to 3 table sizes. It can be free standing or constructed on top of an existing tree stump. It has comfortable and easy to access side entry and is ideal for garden settings. Seat widths are a generous 290mm and the tables seat 8 people. From
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The Block Outdoor Timber Dining Table and Benches
Solid courtyard picnic table and seats
New Ironbark /Greygum Sleepers 190x90  Called The Block this solid timber table is made entirely from 200x 100 ironbark sleepers. It has very sharp defined edges. The table top is 1.8m long and 760mm wide. Seats are 300mm wide. The final units are assembled on site and screwed in from underneath. The timber outdoor table and seats come fully dressed and with a coat of furniture oil. From
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Solid Sided Railway Sleeper Table and Benches
Solid sided picnic tables and seats
or a larger unit with benches all round
Solid ironbark picnic table and benches
Recycled 'AA' grade railway sleepers or New Ironbark / Greygum Sleepers 250x125 or 200x100 A simple and rustic look ideal for larger areas. The default table is made from recycled 'A' grade railway sleepers and retains the spike holes and impressions of years gone by. 3 sleeper wide the table measures 1.8m long x 675mm wide. (also in new red gum, ironbark and treated pine at 600mm wide) Theses are very heavy and solid pieces of timber furniture. Timber finish is lightly sanded. lower photo, 2.3m L x1.0m W large unit in ironbark with 4 benches From
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Solid Sided Sleeper Table and Double Benches
New Ironbark ? Greygum Sleepers Dressed & oiled 190x90 A very similar design to the above solid sided tables, but with double width benches all round. The table top is 2.4mL x 950mmW with 4 double benches all in ironbark, fully dressed and oiled to a professional finish. A perfect mix of rustic and modern beauty ! $7,285
Double Benched Stand Alone T Frame
Solid timber sleeper picnic tables
New Treated Pine Sleepers New Ironbark / Greygum Sleepers 200x100 A solid table with 2 separate large benches. Made from 200x100 sleepers. A stylish T Fame sleeper table. Table 1.8, 2.1 & 2.4L x1.0mW, Seats 400W made from 15 sleepers. This is a very heavy and solid piece of timber furniture. Timber finish is lightly sanded with all edges bevelled. From
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Larger units may need to be assembled on site.

Refer to notes about dressed recycled 'A' grade railway sleepers.

Delivery charges apply to all outdoor timber furniture.

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