Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Product information and FAQ

Listed here are some commonly asked questions and general information that is regularly sort after.



What products do we make?

We make outdoor furniture for both the commercial and domestic markets. This includes a large range of :

Picnic tables, benches, seats, café tables, dining settings, solid planter boxes, chairs etc.. Anything made from solid outdoor timber.

I can't find any info on that item?

Looking for "planter boxes" but cant find our page? We have installed a "customised google search" that searches through all our pages. If that fails simply contact us.

Do we custom make or manufacture a fixed range of products?

We custom build every item of furniture. We do have a range of default sizes and options but since we do not stock items each piece of furniture can be tailored to suit your needs.


Where can I get a price

 The tabs at the top of the page take you to the main sections. Each section has prices on the right hand column, or if there are multiple items then we have a link here to the full list of options and prices. If in doubt, you can call us to get a price.

Is custom made more expensive?

No – not with us.

Will I get a quote

Every job is preceded with a quote. We only commence work once the client has accepted our quote.

How are payment made

We require a deposit upon acceptance of the fixed quote and the final payment is due on delivery/or pickup.

Goods and Services Tax

As of 10/8/2013 all prices quoted are exclusive of GST.


Are there delivery charges?

Yes, delivery fees apply.
To calculate costs refer to the "deliver rates page"

Do we deliver interstate?

It depends on the product and the locations - refer to the bottom of our "deliver rates page"

How do you deliver large items?

Some of our furniture is in excess of 500kg. In many cases we either partially of fully assemble onsite at no additional costs to the client.


Do we have a price match guarantee

We guarantee to match and better any comparable offer

Do we guarantee our products

Yes we provide a guarantee on our workmanship. We cannot however guarantee the weather and what it may do to the timber

What is the main difference between the various timbers

We build from Recycled railway sleepers, new red gum sleepers, new treated pine sleepers, new ironbark sleepers, cypress pine, Victorian ash and Tasmanian Oak, Merbau and Kiln dried treated pine. Refer to "timber furniture colour and finish".

Can we paint or stain furniture

Yes we provide a professional staining service. The costs vary based on the item being stained and the number of coats. More info on furniture staining



Which timber can be used outdoors

For a full description refer to “will my timber shrink”

Do we provide wheel chair accessible furniture

Yes we cater for people with mobility constraints and make a range of alternative designs to facilitate their needs

ACQ Treated Pine
CCA Treated Pine

ACQ indicate the use of Copper and Quarternary Ammonium compound to protect against fungi, termites and other wood-boring insects. It is similar to the performance of CCA treated pine which used a Copper Chrome and Arsenate compoud.
Very few place retail ACQ timber and it is often a lower grade timber.

Is treated pine safe

YES. There have been no reported side affects of CCA timber and there is a wealth of information about it on the internet. Alternatives like ACQ treated pine are merely a precaution.

Do we use CCA treated pine with arsenate or ACQ

We ultimately build with the products that the client requests. ACQ (F5) timber has more knots and is of a lower grade quality than CCA (F7) timber. ACQ It is less readily available and is 'greener' so it will shrink and twist a bit more than CCA timber.

Colour Choices

We use Cabot's oils, stains and polyurethane because they have been proven over time to be of the highest quality.
Fresh sleepers with their original high moisture content are treated with Cabot'sAquadeck water based decking oil.
Kiln dried pine products are stained with Cabot's oil based deck and exterior stain. The colour chart can be found at:
Dressed red gum sleepers can be treated with Cabot's polyurethane in a gloss or matt finish. Ideally 3 coats.

What is meant by heavy duty

All our furniture is built to a commercial grade. Some items are simply large for cosmetic reasons. We may alter a design for specific reasons but always ensure they are constructed to last. Refer to our "heavy duty guide."

What are the standard table and bench offsets

Refer to our bench and table heights and offsets.

What are primary school size tables

To cater for smaller primary school children, we make a range of picnic tables that have lower their seats and table tops. Adults can still use them but they are ergonomically more suited for children.

How heavy is a solid hardwood picnic table

The answer depends on the size and profile and timber type of the table.
A lightly sanded 'E' profile 2.4m long 'A' frame table in ironbark will weigh approx 260kg, the 1.8m long table will weigh 215kg.

The same tables in treated pine will be approx 40% less

Table Anchorage

Tables can be anchored with their legs imbedded into the ground or dynabolted to concrete

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