Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Commercial picnic tables custom built to your requirement. TK Tables specialises in commercial timber picnic tables made from solid timber including sleeper.

Melbourne's best range of quality solid commercial grade picnic tables for cafes parks and industrial sites.

All these tables incorporate seating, however many can be purchased as a table only. We also have a range of solid commercial seats for public areas.

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Sleeper park picnic tables
tough commercial outdoor timber table and seats
For public open areas like parks this massive sleeper commercial outdoor timber table is made from 15 200x100 sleepers and is suited for large eating areas. The overall footprint of the picnic table is 2.4m x 2.1m. These commercial grade picnic tables are ideally suited to larger picnic areas, but if you have the space it is an attractive eye catcher in caravan parks, golf courses and/or resorts. These are also designed in wheelchair accessible versions. Weighing in at approx 750 kg this table will stay where it is for life. Treated pine tables can be stained to any colour and hardwood tables look great oiled to bring out their true timber grains.
Solid 'A' frame picnic tables
Solid commercial wooden picnic tables made from 75mm thick timber for parks and gardens

commercial outdoor timber table
Conventional 'A' Frame commercial outdoor timber table, made from either 45mm kiln dried or 75mm thick treated pine. These pine tables have the largest range of sizes and designs. These commercial timber picnic tables are ideal for parklands, pubs, schools, factory outdoor settings or outdoor cafe dining areas and public areas. These tables can be made up to 6m in length.

Pictured below, are the hardy sanded hardwood ironbark / greygum tables. These can also be made from dressed hardwoods for sheltered areas like cafes where a smooth wipe down surface is important.

Both tables pictured are large 2.4m long tables with strong rebated frames. These commercial wooden picnic tables are built to last and withstand heavy traffic. Ironbark or greygum provide a rustic look whilst treated pine lends itself well to staining. The hardwood tables look even better if dtressed and oiled to bring out their natural timber grains.
Public open space steel and timber picnic tables.
steel frame tables that can be used to support a variety of timber surfaces

A very simple and non obstructive setting comprising of solid steel ends with a range of timber options for the seats and table top. This is an extremely durable setting ideal for open public areas that is easy to maintain.
The tables are 1.8m long x 1.7m wide at the seats and seat 6 people comfortably.
Cafe tables and steel frames for timber tables.
steel frame tables that can be used to support a variety of timber surfaces

As an alternative to timber alone, we also manufacture timber tables on steel frames. Steel posted legs can be 50,75,90, 100mm or even larger and look sensational in a semi gloss black finish. Table tops can be in conventional timbers or sleepers to give it a bulky look. The legs can even have casters attached. Phone enquires are welcome to discuss the many options and choices. From 600x600mm cafe tables to 6.0 meter long boardroom tables, steel and timber make an elegant combination.
Solid compact commercial picnic tables
commercial grade picnic tables used in cafes
These smaller solid commercial picnic tables are often used in cafes and take up minimal space and have their benches attached to the tables to prevent people moving them about. They can be made from 200x100 or 200x75mm thick timber sleepers in a variety of timber types. They are very compact low maintenance and hard wearing. The main advantage of the T frame designs is that there is no need to step over seats and and whole setting remains in one peice. The front table top edges are beveled underneat for comfort and to add to the appeal of the tables.
Heavy duty solid sided sleeper timber tables
commercial grade picnic tables and seats

commercial outdoor timber tables and unattached benches
The solid sided commercial picnic table can easily be made to multiple widths and is a stand out feature on its own. Several other design options are available for this simple but sturdy commercial picnic table. For a truly rustic look these also look great made from recycled 'A' grade railway sleepers.

Pictured above is the short compact 600mm wide table and below the large 1m wide x 2.3m long table with benches all round made from 100mm thick ironbark sleepers. 500-600Kg. Both tables require low maintenance and once installed will be around for years. The benches can be extended and fixed into the ground if required.
When made from new sleepers wheel chair accessibility can also be added by extending the table tops.
T Frame Picnic Tables
light commercial wooden picnic tables
Consider a T frame commercial picnic table if you want easy access for clients. No stepping over seats and a simple design incorporating doubled up supports. These commercial picnic tables or commercial cafe tables are extremely affordable. The light weight means that they can be moved around if needed. This is a similar design to the compact commercial picnic tables above.
Tough Outdoor Picnic Tables
Sleeper tables with unattached bench seats make solid commercial picnic tables
One of the favourite bulky outdoor settings is this massive sleeper picnic tables comes in a range of sizes and the benches can be moved (lugged) around. This setting is made from 15 200x100 sleepers and it suited to large open areas. Lightly sanded to a smooth finish and with decorative bevelled edges all round, these commercial grade picnic tables are ideally suited to larger picnic areas and open spaces. It is an attractive eye catcher in caravan parks, golf courses and/or resorts. A beautiful crafted design that looks a Millions $. A similar version with attached benches is illustrated above.
A frames With Back Support
This commercial outdoor timber table includes back supports for comfort
These economical commercial picnic tables incorporate a bit of comfort with their backs able to be inclined to various angles. These Backed A frame picnic tables are only slightly more expensive than the conventional commercial picnic and cafe tables but add that extra comfort layer. They are ideally suited to pubs and cafe areas where you want to retain the clients for a longer period. It's surprising how much more comfortable these tables are than the conventional A frames without backs.

Nothing under 2" thick timber in this range. These commercial wooden picnic tables are designed for environments where there is heavy traffic and a requirement for low maintenance. However we recognise that industrial or commercial strength is not solely based on the thickness of the timber alone. We already use fully galvanised hardware but you might consider replacing screws with bolts or even adding security nuts to make the furniture tamperproof.

Our standard 'A' Frame commercial picnic tables can be further modified to include the following:

Optional Security extras per table / Profile B C D E
M10 Gal bolted instead of Gal Batten Screws $105 $115 $80 $85
M10 Gal bolted with Kinmar security nuts $250 $280 $185 $215

Commercial also means that we offer choices like wheelchair accessibility options and even non arsenate treated pine for specific locations. All 'A' frames come with a minimal of 75x125mm thick legs and a choice in beam support sizes.

Check out the quality and solid construction method for these on youtube at

building solid quality commercial picnic tables for Mt Buller
Quality Custom Made Solid and Durable


The photos speak for themselves, these are extremely heavy duty solidly built tables. All these commercial outdoor picnic tables use heavy duty fittings and hardware as well. These tables are designed to be low maintenance and provide a rustic but functional commercial grade outdoor setting.

If you require something less rustic we also have a range of dressed picnic tables that make them easier to wipe down and keep clean. The dressed tables are ideal for cafes and outdoor dining areas like bistros and pubs. All our industrial outdoor timber tables even in the light ranges are designed to withstand the heaviest of usage.

Our commercial grade outdoor picnic tables are made to order and to a design of your choice, with some items assembled onsite due to their sheer size and weight.

Our commercial outdoor furniture has been designed to meet every combination of client needs. We provide a several designs specifically to facilitate wheelchair accessibility and offer multiple options to secure and tamper proof our picnic tables in open public areas.

With the largest range of commercial picnic tables and benches on offer, call today to discuss other designs and options or to obtain a obligation free quote.

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