Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

TK Tables are the outdoor garden furniture Melbourne specialists when it comes to solid timber.

outdoor garden furniture picnic tables in dressed and oiled timber made from sleepers

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With a large range of rustic heavy duty wooden garden furniture made from a variety of sleepers, hardwoods and in treated pine, there is the unique furniture item that will look good in any back yard.

Our wooden outdoor garden furniture ranges from simple benches, to seats and to outdoor tables. All are made in a variety of styles and in a large range of timbers and sizes.

TK Tables timber outdoor garden furniture is made locally and often assembled onsite due to the sheer size and weight of some of our products. Behind the scenes we use quality solid timbers and hardware to assemble the furniture. There is not much light weight furniture in our range because we believe that wooden outdoor garden furniture needs to be tough to withstand both people traffic as well as cope with the ongoing bombardment of harsh weather.

The choice of timber is therefore very important and we only use timbers that are designed for external use. Items like recycled railway sleepers have shown their resistance to the elements over time and with the finer furniture items we often recommend a coat of stain or furniture oil to prolong their lifespan.

We therefore carefully choose our timber range to make sure all our outdoor garden furniture is fit for purpose and can be left out to face the elements. Treated pine, ironbark and redgum are well known for their longevity and are a common building material for most of our wooden outdoor garden furniture.

Our range of outdoor garden furniture includes dressed, and sawn finishes, rustic and elegant, modern or conventional. The below few samples shows the diversity of timber outdoor garden furniture that is available.

Unique seats anchored into the ground
outdoor garden furniture Melbourne seats are available in Kits or fully dressed conventional seats
A smooth dressed wooden outdoor garden furniture seat What you will constantly notice with our outdoor garden furniture is that it is solid !! We want to ensure it will be there for a long time and still looking as good as when it was purchased.
Conventional 'A' frame timber outdoor garden furniture
timber outdoor garden furniture a frame picnic table The conventional A frame timber table comes in a staggering range of sizes and options, both for public and commercial use.

This solid timber outdoor garden furniture is normally supplied in raw treated pine but can be ordered stained as well.

We have Melbourne largest range, best quality and prices on these picnic tables so have a look at the various options.
Simple but elegant bench seats.
Simple sleepers used to made wooden outdoor garden furniture seats Put a few benches together on the lawns and let the children play all over them.

Anchor them or have them free standing, but either way they will look attractive in any setting.
solid A frame timber outdoor garden furniture benchesOr maybe just a furniture grade Bench for the lawn or porch.

Check out the larger range of outdoor garden furniture on our products page but if its not there remember that we make everything to order and to any design, right down to solid planter boxes , so if its not there give us a call because our craftsmen love a challenge and love playing with new designs.

Enjoy outdoor garden furniture in Melbourne all year round with items made from sleepers. They are rustic and look great. In summer you will admire theme for the beauty and in winter they don't need to be put under shelter.

By choosing timber outdoor garden furniture your garden area will look more natural than many of the plastic or steel alternatives. Timber has its own beauty and characteristics, and for the solid sections the rustic looks make it even more attractive.

Your wooden outdoor garden furniture should last a life time if you are careful in your selection and by taking care of it. Staining or oiling your furniture is always an advantage and it will definitely extend its lifespan.

Be it a table, bench or seat, TK Tables has a range of solid timber outdoor garden furniture just right for you.

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