Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Bench And Table Measurements

With timber picnic tables, some say the seat is too close to the table whilst other say it is too far. This is where one size does not necessarily fit all !!

Larger people prefer to have a wider gap and smaller people prefer to be in closer to the table. We have opted for a gap of 135mm between the seat and the table top. We can make this larger or smaller at no cost but need to know before manufacture.

Schools may prefer their to have their table seats built considerably closer and reduce this gap considerably to encourage straight posture and also stop food slipping down between the body and table.

Larger adults may prefer larger gaps for ease of getting in and out and will lean forward to compensate.

As we have found out, unfortunately this is one dimension that does not suit everyone equally because we are all different sizes.

All our A frame and hybrids picnic tables can have there spacing set to your requirements at manufacture. If in doubt try and sit at your dining table and measure the distance from the front of the chair to the edge of the table. Whatever that comfortable measurement is is what we will use. Remember though that with 'A' frame tables you often step over the seat to sit down.

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