Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

TK Tables are manufacturers of commercial outdoor timber furniture for public areas and especially solid commercial outdoor cafe furniture.

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Solid 'A' Frame commercial outdoor timber furniture
commercial outdoor timber furniture in the form of picnic tables
Commercial outdoor timber furniture in the form of 'A' frame picnic tables is the core of our business. We manufacture these from either 75mm or 45mm thick treated pine and a range of other well known timbers. With fully galvanised hardware throughout and a range of sizes and designs, this commercial outdoor timber furniture is ideal for parklands, pubs, schools, factory outdoor settings and dining areas.

Pictured is the sanded ironbark / greygum picnic table, however we have a large range of other tables in treated pine, cypress, red gum and other timbers. These can also be made from dressed hardwoods for sheltered cafe areas where a smooth wipe down surface is important, or a range of other timbers to suit the application. These tables are normally between 1.8 to 2.4 long with various widths.
Our Sleeper Special
tough commercial outdoor timber furniture for parks and gardens
In our largest range is this commercial outdoor timber furniture comprising of 15 sleepers. This is really for large areas and it requires a large footprint with the table weighing in at well over 500kg. The overall footprint of the cafe table is 2.4m x 2.1m.

This commercial furniture is ideally suited to larger picnic or eating areas, parks and gardens, caravan parks, golf courses and/or resorts.
Solid Commercial
Cafe Furniture
heavy duty commercial cafe furniture made from sleepers
These smaller solid commercial cafe tables take up minimal space and have their benches attached to the tables to prevent people moving them about. This commercial cafe furniture can be made from 200x100 and 200x 75 thick timber sleepers in a variety of timber types. These are very compact and sturdy low maintenance commercial tables. Our slightly rustic commercial cafe furniture is designed to last and stay looking good for years to come.
T Frame Commercial Outdoor Cafe Furniture
T Frame commercial outdoor cafe furniture made from treated pine
These treated pine tables can be stained in almost any colour to blend in with the surroundings. Our commercial outdoor cafe furniture is designed in multiple widths and is easy for clients to access with the simple side entry removing the need to step over seats. These can be moved around if required and are a cost effective piece of furniture. The extra width seats of 290mm on this cafe furniture is also a favourite with clients.
Heavy Duty Commercial Outdoor Timber Furniture
heavy duty commercial outdoor timber furniture and seats made from recycled sleepers

commercial outdoor timber furniture tables made from ironbark
The solid sided commercial outdoor timber furniture can easily be made to multiple widths and is a stand out feature on its own. The rustic look of sleepers and the scalable range of sizes available makes this a popular design. It is obviously very solid and heavy, so there is little change of it moving.

Several other design options are available for this simple but sturdy commercial cafe table. For a truly rustic look these look great made from recycled 'A' grade railway sleepers, but the lightly sanded versions made from new sleepers are a more elegant looking solution.

Pictured above is the short compact 600mm wide tables and below that the large 1m wide long tables and benches all round made from 100mm thick ironbark.

Keep in mind that this commercial outdoor furniture requires a large area.

Melbourne's best range of craftsman built quality solid commercial cafe furniture and general outdoor furniture at the most competitive prices. Much of this unique commercial furniture is not available through any other channel.

Our commercial outdoor cafe furniture is all made to order and to a design of your choice. The large majority of tables are assembled onsite due to their sheer size and weight.

TK Tables manufactures commercial cafe furniture from renewable timber and in solid sections that are equivalent to regular garden sleepers. This means that most items range from 50mm to 100mm in thickness. This form of commercial outdoor furniture becomes extremely heavy and this does have some advantages. May venues do not like their furniture moved around by patrons and having commercial outdoor cafe furniture made from this type of material means that it stays in place.

Commercial outdoor timber furniture is appealing to the eye and the larger sections provide a rustic look that may patrons admire. The choice of timber is important as you want to ensure that the final product will last outdoors against the elements. As such TK Tables only uses timber that is proven to last in the outdoors.

Any commercial outdoor timber furniture made from sleepers is extremely low in maintenance and also hard wearing. Knocks and scratches generally add character to the appearance rather than detract from its value.

TK Tables also produces commercial outdoor furniture that are less bulky. Normally this is in the form of Kiln Dried treated pine. The main advantage of this is that it can easily be stained to a colour to match your surroundings and Kiln Dried treated pine won't crack twist or move any further as the timber is stable.

Commercial outdoor cafe furniture made from treated pine is muck lighter and just as resistant to the elements as are sleepers.

What it all comes down to is that if there is a need for solid commercial cafe furniture or for any other similar function TK Tables can manufacture these in a large range of styles and finishes to meet your needs.

Since we custom make all our furniture, we can tailor make a design just right for you. Whether your focus is on being compact, being rustic, simple or elegant, we can adapt our products to suit the clients varying needs. It just needs a discussion to get the ball rolling.

The most popular commercial cafe furniture in our range is definitely the solid compact sleeper tables. These are recommended over and over again by clients as they simply are a lovely blend of rustic and modern. The large range of choices on the final sizes and the thickness of timber being used give these tables more versatility and appeal.

All the TK tables in the commercial outdoor café furniture range are solid timber and not plastic or alloy products. Timber is a natural product and blends in better than artificial products and it also looks great as it wears in. And when we say “solid timber” we mean solid, as most of our commercial outdoor timber furniture is made from sleepers or equivalent thickness timbers.  The thin slatted fine furniture may look great at the start but you can bet your hard earned dollars that our tables will be around for years longer no matter how much harshly they are treated.

We believe that commercial outdoor furniture needs to be appealing, functional and extremely low maintenance to start with but it must be able to withstand continuous heavy duty use throughout its intended life time. Whether its furniture for a café or any public open space, TK tables makes some of the finest products right here in Melbourne.

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