Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Industrial timber tables Melbourne. Custom made industrial picnic tables assembled onsite.

TK Tables provides the best range of quality heavy duty outdoor tables made from various sleepers and solid thick timbers.

Industrial outdoor timber tables for park and clubs
industrial timber tables Melbourne sleeper based furniture
Industrial picnic tables A frame for commercial sites
industrial picnic tables Melbourne made from treated pine or ironbark for parks and commercial sites
Solid compact industrial timber tables for cafes
industrial outdoor timber tables used for cafes
Sleeper industrial timber tables Melbourne
industrial heavy duty outdoor timber tables and seats
solid Industrial outdoor tables for commercial sites
durable and economical industrial timber tables made from sleepers

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When we build industrial timber tables we use timber sections that are appropriate for the job. These are not IKEA flat packs but solidly constructed tables for industry that can handle heavy commercial use. The entry point for these tables is 50mm in thickness and the starting weights well in excess of 100 kg. The tail end with sleepers can weigh over 750 kg. These are all designed to be assembled and left alone as they are relatively maintenance free.

From left to right :

1. The sleeper park tables are used as industrial timber tables Melbourne wide in parks and commercial sites. They are made 15 200x100 sleepers and it is the heaviest of the tables that we produce. The overall footprint requirement for this table is 2.4m x 2.1m - and them you need a bit more space all round. These industrial outdoor tables are ideally suited to picnic areas, but if you have the space it is an attractive eye catcher in caravan parks, golf courses or any formal public area. The will last a lifetime and are assembled onsite.

2. Ironbark is used for industrial picnic tables Melbourne wide. The timber is extremely resilient to the outdoors and these tables whilst looking lighter than sleeper tables still weigh in at 250kg. This is a hardwood table that still has a rustic look as it is made from 50mm thick sleepers. There are equivalent versions made from 75mm treated pine that are used for remote and humid conditions as well.

Industrial outdoor tables made in this 'A' frame design are normally made from Kiln dried treated pine and this selection of timber allows for bench like long tables up to 6m in length.

3. These smaller solid compact outdoor cafe tables take up minimal space and have their benches attached to the tables to prevent people moving them about. These industrial outdoor timber tables are extremely popular because they are both compact and heavy duty. The tables are normally made from 75 or 100 mm thick sleepers. The main advantage is that they are easy to access without the need to climb over the seats.

4. The solid sided heavy duty outdoor timber tables can easily be made to multiple widths and they stand out on their own. Several other design options are available for this simple but sturdy industrial timber table and the table can be extended to any width in multiples of 200mm. For a low maintenance truly rustic look these also look great made from recycled 'A' grade railway sleepers with the spike holes and railway marks giving them extra character..

5. The durable and economical industry outdoor tables made from redgum sleepers (or similar) are also low maintenance and well suited to industrial sites where a simple but solid table is required. The benches can also be anchored to concrete or dug into the ground to prevent them being moved around.

All these industrial timber tables use extremely heavy duty galvanised hardware in their assembly. Despite their shear size some clients still insist on using tamper proof hardware to ensure they remain where we assemble them.

In the range illustrated above all these industrial timber tables are assembled onsite. We do however have multiple other designs that are less bulky yet still have that commercial strength behind them.

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