Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Terms for the provision of picnic table plans and working drawings:

We are often asked for picnic table plans of our furniture so DIY enthusiasts can attempt the construction themselves.

As you can appreciate significant work and effort has gone into the design of this furniture and while not patent exists on these designs, the working designs and plans that have been developed are a valuable asset to the company. The manufacture of furniture based on these plans forms the basis of our financial survival and therefore the provision of plans is at our discretion and under the following terms:

Charity organisations:

Any recognised charity or not for profit organisation that can provide proof of their status can obtain a copy of a plan for a donation of a sum to be determined at their discretion.


Members of the public can purchase a copy of the picnic table plans for a sum equal to 10% of the retail cost of the item requested.

General conditions:

Ownership of the plans and designs always remains with Kropf Pty. Ltd.
The plans and designs can only be used for the purpose of the initial application.
The plans and designs cannot be sold or given to others to use.
The plans and designs are not to be distributed, duplicated or published in any way whatsoever.
The furniture item constructed must have affixed a brass “TK Tables” plaque. The plaque will be sent to the recipient at no cost.
Kropf Pty. Ltd. will be exonerated of any liability associated with the use of the information provided, the construction and subsequent use of the furniture.
Acknowledgment of these terms is requested.


Picnic table plans are dimensioned drawings often with screw/bolt locations marked. They may be generic or specific to a timber size.

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