Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Price match guarantee.

We offer the following price match guarantee on the following products.

1. Treated Pine Picnic Table Price Guarantee.

We build out picnic tables to a high standard and do not compete with the cheap imitations, but if you can find a similar picnic table for a cheaper price than ours we will match that price and throw in a bottle of red or white wine with the table for your next picnic.

Your written quoted tables must of course conform to the following:

Sizes quoted must match our sizes.

All hardware must be fully galvanised - no zinc plated or cheaper alternatives

Bolts must be a minimum of 10mm diameter

Bolts are recessed into the timber

A Frame joins must be rebated and bolted and not just bolted together

Table legs are a minimum of 125x75 thickness

Table tops and seats are a minimum thickness of 45mm

Table tops and seats are all made from certified F7 Kiln Dried treated pine

Table lengths are exact - (we used laser guided cutting to ensure all lengths are within 2mm of stipulated)

Sub frame bracing is provided with a minimal of 45mm thick timber

The table comes with a manufacturer warranty

2. Professional Staining Price Guarantee.

We don't offer coated finished by default as these are simply cosmetic. For a few dollars more we offer to stain every part of the timber including inside each joint and we have yet to find anyone who is willing to offer a similar service as it can only be achieved prior to final assembly. If they do, we will match their staining price.

Staining product is Cabot's based

All joints are stained inside and out (including the recessed bolt holes)

All parts of the timber are stained - right down to under the legs!

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