Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Solid red gum timber boardroom tables made from recycled railway sleepers. These reclaimed timber tables are environmentally friendly, attractive and have a history to tell of the past.

Australian red gum reclaimed timber boardroom tables

Recycled railway sleepers have a natural beautiful character about them but when dressed and lacquered it really brings them back to life. These timber boardroom tables have a wonderful rustic look about them and can be made in a variety of finishes.

Unlike conventional timber, recycled railway sleepers always exhibit uniqueness. No two boards are ever the same and these rustic timber boardroom tables become an artwork. Environmentally friendly, these reclaimed timber tables are not scared of a bit of hard work and the odd scratch or two will just add to their rustic and authentic character.

Recycled railway sleepers are not always the red gum species as ironbark is also a common timber type that has been used for sleepers. The contrast in available tones is therefore reds and yellow-greys. Whether you would prefer a mix of timbers or stay with one species, we are sure the final products will be impressive. In reutilizing reclaimed timbers, you are buying a piece of history and not just a piece of timber.

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Rustic reclaimed railway sleepers for furniture.

There is a growing trend in reutilising and reclaiming old timbers for the manufacture of furniture and exposed timber features. Maybe its simply that each piece of timber has a previous story to tell, a history of its own or simply the majestic colours, tones and textures are so appealing. Either way furniture made from reclaimed and recycled timber stands out as unique in every respect.

At TK Tables we predominantly work with reclaimed railway sleepers which have at some stage been discarded or replaced along Australia’s vast railway network. Most of the timber has been grown locally, most likely in the Murray region. The history of these pieces represents in some way a bygone era as many of the new stretches of rail now use concrete sleepers in place of redgum.

In their natural dirty state, they make ideal rustic garden edges, and we use them extensively in outdoor rustic setting, but it is not until you have peeled back the surface dirt and grime that the true beauty of this timber comes back to life. The rich red colour just below the surface, the dark gum veins, rock impressions and the spike holes from railway metal bring out a rustic character that is not found in freshly sawn timber and conventional furniture timbers. There really is a life and story behind reclaimed timber that does not exist in the new perfectly fabricated world where even a timber knot is frowned upon.

Rustic reclaimed railway sleepers have a voice from the past and invite you to listen, explore and share the experience.


The prices below are indicative of a standard steel framed table with a powder coated finish and a table top made from 50mm thick dressed recycled railway sleepers boards coated with a polyurethane finish.

Size Approx Cost
2.4m x 1.2m $5,940
3.0m x 1.2m $6,806
3.6m x 1.2m $7,672

Lead times are approx 2 months as the gems required to build these tables are not readily available and need to be progressivly sourced.

Enquiries and discussions on size and finish are welcome.

A variety of tones
boardroom table planks
Clear and clean surface finish
polished red gum boards for a boardroom table

Or an impressive rustic look !

rustic boardroom table finish


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