Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Treated pine dimensions

Treated pine is available in a range of sizes and our tables, seats and benches use a wide range of treated pine in their construction.

Depending on where the treated pine has been milled, it can come as either fine sawn or laser cut.

Laser cut treated pine is marginally smaller than fine sawn, therefore when we provide table and seat dimensions, the length is always correct but the widths can vary.

The table below summarises the size difference in equivalent timber members.

Fine Sawn Laser Cut
100 x 38mm 90 x 35mm
150 x 38mm 140 x 35mm
200 x 38mm 190 x 35mm
100 x 50mm 90 x 45mm
150 x 50mm 140 x 45mm
200 x 50mm 190 x 45mm

Therefore if we build a 2.4m long picnic table from 150 x 50mm treated pine it will have one of the following sets of dimensions depending whether the timber was supplied as fine sawn or laser cut. They are constructed identically the same way and there is no price difference between them.

Irrespective of the timber types, we lightly sand the final surface to remove any splinters and smooth all corners. If you have specific requirements then let us know beforehand.

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