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wheelchair accessible tables from side wheelchair accessible picnic table

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TK Tables manufacture commercial wheelchair picnic tables in a large range of sizes and styles. Of the rest, many of these can be modified to cater for wheel chair access. These are all commercial built, sturdy low maintenance and affordable.

All our standard picnic tables can be modified in a few ways to make affordable wheel chair accessible picnic tables. Here are a few examples of modified designs.

wheelchair accessible picnic tables Option 1. Removal of one side bench to allow access to the table top. wheelchair picnic tables design1
Option 2. Two standard tables side by side with central seat overhangs removed. wheelchair picnic tables design2
Option 3. Extend the end to allow clear access. wheelchair accessible picnic tables design3
Option 4. On 2.4m tables and larger, simply move one end 'A' frame inwards to allow 600mm of end access.
Option 5. Larger 2 section tables with one section having the seating removed. wheelchair accessible picnic tables design4

Wheelchair accessible picnic tables can be made in any standard profile from our extensive range below.

standard wooden outdoor picnic table designs that can be modified to a wheelchair picnic table

For other options and pricing please enquire.

For most of the
'T' Frame picnic tables
and cafe tables,
the following is
also possible.
Large picnic table that can be converted for wheelchair accessible tables
wheelchair accessible large picnic tables design

Height considerations : Some tables may need to be higher than normal to accommodate wheelchair access under the table top. The recommended under table height of 685mm means that thicker tables (such as tables made from sleepers) may need to be slightly higher to compensate for this additional thickness.
Normal table top heights are 760mm, however if a table used recycled railway sleepers as its material then the overall height should be 685mm + the thickness of the sleeper (125mm) or 810mm. Conventional bench or seat heights can be raised slightly to make compensate for the additional tabletop height.
The maximum recommended table top height is 860mm

Since we make our own furniture no job is too hard and if required we can modify other designs to incorporate wheel chair access.

Wheelchair accessible tables are also available in a range of dressed timbers so that they can be used indoors and on patios. These are less bulky and more alike to conventional tables, but with wheel chair accessibility.

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