Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

TK Tables are the outdoor wooden table Melbourne specialists for quality and price. A extensive range of custom built wood tables for pubic and commercial use.

large solid treated pine outdoor wooden table in 'A' frame design

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These wooden tables are affordable, sturdy and relatively maintenance free. With Melbourne's best prices and choices on these quality tables it's no wonder that they are so popular. TK Tables manufacture solid heavy duty wooden picnic tables in a large range of sizes and styles.

We are the wooden tables Melbourne best supply of A frames The leading wooden tables Melbourne deals on solid picnic tables A simple wood table for the backyard

TK Tables is a major manufacturer of outdoor wooden tables. We cater for both public and commercial demands and produce solid furniture made from heavy duty timber and a range of thicker sleepers.

Our wooden tables are often rustic, but also elegant in their design and appearance. They are unique to us and custom built for our clients. The conventional picnic tables are often mass produced for commercial areas bit the larger and more solid sleeper versions are often built to specific requirements.

Wood is a lovely product and we love working with it, especially when there is a bit of a challenge involved. A wood table adds character and provides a uniqueness due to timber grain that is not available in mass produced plastic or prefabricated tables. A wood table looks best stained to a translucent finish to allow the natural timber characteristics to come through.

This snippet of photos may be exactly what you are looking for or may just be the inspiration to having something designed just for you. Contrary to belief, custom made furniture is affordable and when dealing with straight with a manufacture without the middleman overheads can often be less expensive that buying from a large retailer.

The choices below are really a starting point in ones journey to work out what exactly you would like and maybe visit some designs that you might not have considered possible before.

To start with, TK Tables does not manufacture thin or intricate little tables made from lining boards or any material under 2” or 50mm thick timber. When we say solid, we mean it. Our wooden furniture will last because of the choices of timber that we use and the rigid way we fix the furniture together. You won’t get a wobble in any of our tables irrespective of how rough you treat them.

Our picnic table range of conventional ‘A’ frame Australian picnic tables is the most extensive in Melbourne. We offer a range of styles ranging from intimate small size tables to large social tables.
These wooden tables are found in most commercial sites, public areas and back yards. We can manufacture these in treated pine, cypress pine, ironbark, redgum, Vic Ask and merbau. Each wood has its own characteristics and benefits and each wooden table can have a different finish, be it sanded, dressed, stained or oiled.

A full guide to conventional picnic wooden tables and prices can be found on the following link. We have over a dozen variations to choose from.

Our outdoor wooden table designs

A range beyond the conventional "A" frame wooden table

a dressed wooden table for sheltered areas Beyond conventional “A” frame wooden tables, we have a range of “T” frame and hybrid tables. Each again with a wide range of options. These “T” frames are ideally suited to the elderly or where easy side access is important. these treated pine wooden tables are ideal for outdoors

A range that extends into using sleepers to make rustic wooden tables

This huge wood table and bench seats are ideal for large backyards

Once you go into the sleeper range a whole new world opens up. These tables are normally huge. They can weigh in at over 500kg and are real show pieces. They look terrific in any setting and will be around for a long time to come. They are extremely low maintenance, often looking better with time and age. The design options are numerous and we enjoy making these the most. These wooden tables are normally installed and assembled on site as it is impossible to lift and move such large beasts.. these wooden tables Melbourne sleeper special tables for commercial sites

this sleeper outdoor wooden table is a favourite with cafes

The sleeper range and options are really govern by space and while some mage great compact cafe tales and other large picnic ground tables, there are often many versions that can be custom built in between. These solid wooden tables speak for themselves and are a wonderful addition to any location.

Check the tables tag above for more options of wooden tables, together with some indicative pricing. A wood table adds character to a garden setting and looks more natural than other products.

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