Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Compact heavy duty 'T' frame sleeper tables for open public, dining areas and cafes.

Compact T Fame cafe tables


This elegant design is maintenance free and extremely durable and a hot favourite with cafes. This solid cafe table in natural ironbark is ideal for exposed areas.

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These compact narrow sleeper tables seem to be very popular with cafes and are a great way to attract the customers attention. They are easy to access with no need to climb over seats and are heavy enough to prevent people trying to move them.

They are normally lightly sanded and ideal in an outdoor environment.

The range of timber types is also important as these tables can be made to blend in with any setting. Treated pine tables are great if you want to stain them to match an existing surround colour. They also tend to have the best and cleanest surface long term.

The ironbark tables are extremely heavy and will show some signs of surface cracking.

The redgum tables are even more rustic with significant veins and surface cracking prominent in the timber.

The ultimate rustic look is obviously the recycled railway sleepers. these tables have all the spike holes and rock impressions that you would expect in a recycled sleeper. We use 'AA' grade sleepers for these tables.

Keep in mind that new sleepers come straight from the saw mills and will dry naturally as they are exposed to the weather and sun. Rapid drying will produce more cracks, especially with redgum.

The recycled railway sleepers have already had several decades to dry out and will not shrink, warp or fracture any further.

Extremely easy access and a compact design has seen it become a favourite style for cafe tables Melbourne wide.

1.5m long x 600mm/800mm wide Price Price
Ironbark/Greygum 75mm thick $1,730 $1,995

1.8m long x 600mm/800mm wide Price Price
Ironbark/Greygum 75mm thick $1,890 $2,130
**Recycled railway sleepers ('AA' grade)
740mm/960mm wide
$3,270 $3,565

2.1m long x 600mm/800mm wide Price Price
Ironbark/Greygum 75mm thick $2,050 $2,345

2.4m long x 600mm/800mm/1.0m wide Price Price Price
Ironbark/Greygum 75mm thick (430kg) $2,205 $2,540 $2,885
**Recycled railway sleepers ('AA' grade)
720mm/960mm/1.2m wide
$3,885 $4,580 $5,085

2.7m long x 800mm/1.0m/1.2m wide Price Price Price
Ironbark/Greygum 75mm thick $2,725 $3,080 $3,510
Recycled railway sleepers ('AA' grade)
2.7m long x 0.96m/1.2m/1.44m wide
$4,755 $5,325 $5,860


Optional Extras Price
F14 Furniture grade sleepers : The standard ironbark/greygum tables listed above can also be made from new ironbark sleepers in F14 grade. F14 graded ironbark is structurally graded with minimal knots, veins and imperfections leaving nice clear grain throughout and ideally suited to also being dressed and oiled to give it a real smooth finish. Add 30% to above figures
Smooth dressed tops : Pine, ironbark or redgum. Rather than a lightly sanded finish, have the table tops and tops of the seats dressed smooth. Add 15% to above figures
Smooth dressed tops : Recycled railway sleepers Add 35% to above figures
High Pressure Clean : To remove surface dirt and oil from recycled railway sleeper tables - 2200PSI $ 125
Cabot's Oils : Cabot's oils applied to timber will prolong its life and bring out the natural colours and wood grain in dressed timbers. $ 320 first coat,
$ 200 second & subsequent coats

Tables made from 75mm thick sleepers are made with a 50mm thick plinth board, whereas the tables made from 100mm thick sleepers are made with a 75mm thick plinth board. Recycled railway sleeper tables are assembled on a 75mm thick new ironbark sleeper plinth board.

* Please note that due to restrictions in Red Gum timber harvesting, quality 75mm thick red gum sleeper are in short supply and very rustic in character with vein holes, grub holes and cracking.

** Recycled railway sleepers are slightly wider and thicker than new sleepers (normally 250x120mm approx). Therefore the table widths for a 600mm table becomes 740mm and the wider 800mm tables are closer to 960mm.

The 800mm and wider tables have 3 upright legs on each end whereas 600mm wide tables have only 2 upright legs on each end of the tables.

If you require a table size different to the dimensions above, we can do that too, just tell us the dimensions you would like.

These tables are normally preassembled with the last stages assembled onsite.

Delivery fees of $250 per table apply for the Melbourne Metropolitan area, defined as 20kms from the CBD. Outside of that radius please refer to our delivery rates guide. Volume orders have discounted delivery rates.

If you would like to transform a picnic tables appearance and prolong its life then maybe consider having it professionally stained

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