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TK Tables Melbourne - custom made tables and seats

Large treated pine A frame table

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TK Tables is our own branding that signifies quality workmanship and pride in our product.
A TK Table is unique to us and to you
A TK Table is custom built from quality timber and hardware
TK tables are heavy duty, solid and sturdy
TK Tables attract the public attention
You won't see a TK Tables label on thin gauge tables.
And you won't see a TK Tables badge on builder grade timber.

As the logo says, TK tables are made with love and have a spirit and character of their own.

So what sort of tables do we make ??

By far our largest requirements come from people requiring conventional treated pine picnic tables, and we have multiple design options with a range of sizes to choose from. Our price guide only lists the common sizes but we can make these picnic tables to any required length up to 6m.

Secondly, we cater to the commercial sectors where a specific design or consideration needs to be incorporated into the product. This is essentially custom built tables.

The rest is dedicated to niche public demand and a desire to have something either unique or custom built of your own.

If you are not sure of what you want then give us a call to discuss some options....We have stated it numerous times - we build custom made timber furniture to meet client needs and not our own..

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