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TK Tables provides park tables and benches Melbourne wide and a range of commercial products for public areas.

one of the park tables Melbourne range of seats

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A lovely setting deserves a lovely seat. Whether it's an observation point, a place to just sit and relax or a public gathering, park tables and benches offer much to the community. TK Tables is proud to be part of that story in the delivery and manufacture of unique custom made furniture for that purpose.

The park bench seat above can be made from a range of sleepers, including new red gum, ironbark, greygum or treated pine timber. The seat also comes in two thicknesses of sleepers 200x75mm and 200x100mm thick. Its finish can be dressed or lightly sanded. Obviously all sharp edges are removed to give it a smooth safe finish. Each seat is given a light coat of furniture oil before delivery to retain and expose the natural timber colour and grains.

The bench seat can be made 1.8, 2.1 or 2.4m long. They are extremely affordable and a beautiful piece of stylish outdoor furniture that can be used at outlooks or anywhere you want to sit and relax for a while.

TK Tables make a range of park table and benches in many forms and by using only the best materials and solid construction methods, we are certain that they bench seats will be around for a long time. Theses bench seats can be stand alone or bolted to concrete or even fixed into the ground to prevent them being moved.

Not all sleepers are dressed for that smooth finish. Sometimes a rustic look add that bit more character to a product like the following few items.

old sleepers make these park tables Melbourne seats come alive

rustic park tables and benches seats from recycled railway sleepers

park tables and benches Melbourne rustic seats for the outdoors
Left : Rustic Railway Sleeper Timber Garden Seat And Back
The beauty of natural timber.
No two seats are identical because of the individual characteristics of recycled railway sleepers.

A beautiful bench seat with steel uprights that looks better with age. A great addition to any garden area or just a lookout spot to relax and ponder.

With 3 different lengths to choose from, it is the ultimate in rustic outdoor park furniture.
Railway sleeper park bench seat
A solid red gum park table and bench seat anchored into the ground This simple design park bench seat is firmly anchored into the ground. It can be made 1.2 or 1.8m long with one central upright or up to 2.4m long with 2 uprights.

Made from the best recycled 'A' grade railway sleepers this has already lasted for years and has plenty more to offer.

This rustic beauty will complement the surroundings, is recycled and therefore great for the environment.

All our park tables can be anchored into the ground if required for a minor additional cost. Check out the larger range of tables benches and seats under the various menu tabs on the left. We are one of only a few manufacturers of sleeper based park benches and park seats and to top it off we also manufacture to order !

Sleeper park tables and benches
tough commercial outdoor timber park table and benches seats
This massive sleeper park table and benches is made from 15 200x100 treated pine sleepers and is designed for large public areas. The overall footprint of the table is 2.4m x 2.1m. This commercial park table is ideally suited to larger picnic areas, but if you have the space it is an attractive eye catcher in caravan parks, golf courses and/or resorts. These are also designed in 2 other styles that are wheelchair accessible.
Solid 'A' frame picnic park tables
A frames commonly used for park tables

commercial ironbark park tables and benches
These commercial A frame timber picnic tables, which can be made from either 75mm or 45mm thick timber are your classic default park tables and benches. We manufacture these with fully galvanised hardware throughout and in a range of sizes and designs. These commercial timber picnic tables are ideal for parklands, pubs, schools, factory outdoor settings or outdoor cafe dining areas.

Pictured below, are the hardy sanded ironbark tables. These can also be made from dressed hardwoods for sheltered areas like cafes where a smooth wipe down surface is important, or a range of other timbers to suit the application.

Both tables pictured are 2.4m long but longer bench tables can be made up to 6m long.
Solid compact sleeper park tables and benches
compact park tables Melbourne sleeper tables
These smaller solid commercial compact park tables take up minimal space and have their benches attached to the tables to prevent people moving them about. They can be made from 200x100 or 200x75 thick timber sleepers and in a variety of timber types.
Light T Frame park picnic tables
park tables and benches Melbourne designs that can be used for wheel chair access
Consider a T frame commercial picnic table if you want easy access. No stepping over seats and a simple design incorporating doubled up supports. These commercial picnic tables make great park tables and are extremely affordable.
Tough sleeper outdoor park tables and benches
Sleeper  park tables with unattached bench seats
These massive double sleeper park tables comes in a range of sizes and the benches can be moved (with effort) around. Made from 15 200x100 sleepers this is for large areas. Smoothly finished and with decorative bevelled edges all round, these commercial park tables and benches are ideally suited to larger picnic areas, but if you have the space it is an attractive eye catcher in caravan parks, golf courses and/or resorts.
Railway sleeper park tables
industrial heavy duty outdoor timber park table and bench seats

commercial park tables and benches
The solid sided commercial picnic table can easily be made to multiple widths and is a stand out feature on its own. Several other design options are available to both extend the length and width of the tables. For a truly rustic look these also look great made from recycled 'A' grade railway sleepers and you see the spike holes and railway impressions from the past..

Pictured above is the short compact 600mm wide x 1800 table and below is the large 1m wide x 2400 longer tables and benches all round made from 100mm thick ironbark

Showrooms are not possible but hopefully the pictures and the gallery are sufficient to get an appreciation of the various styles and options. Alternatively we have a friendly group of craftsmen that are more than happy to discuss and help design a piece of furniture just for your needs. Whether is simply timber choice or wheel chair accessibility we are more than happy to spend time discussing the options to make sure you get the most out of the furniture.

Most of this is sold as low maintenance furniture made predominantly from sleepers and in a range of resilient timbers. The tables are extremely heavy duty, and most furniture is assembled on site.

Delivery fees of $250 apply for the Melbourne Metropolitan area, defined as 20kms from the CBD. Outside of that radius please refer to our delivery rates guide.

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