Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Solid timber tables for the outdoors that are made from heavy duty timber, sleepers and treated pine

solid timber table

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Made entirely from 200x100 new ironbark/greygum sleepers and 1.8m long, this is as solid as it comes. This solid timber table comes dressed and oiled for $3,160 and will dominate your back yard. Or if you are on a budget, then the similar table (below left) for $1,625 might just fit the bill!

We make a large range of great solid heavy duty tables both for indoors and outdoors. We also have other solid tables made from sleepers of various thicknesses.


The Affordable Pine Block
heavy duty tables made from sleepers
Double Benched Stand Alone T Frame
free standing solid tables and benches made from sleepers

Our solid timber table range is designed to both last and look good. Most of the solid range is made from timber that starts at 70mm thick and goes up to a railway sleeper thickness of 120mm. They are obviously heavy units with some solid timber tables weighing in at over 500kg. These solid tables are not designed to be moved around, but their benches can be.

Whether its for a coffee table, outdoor setting or a picnic area, we can manufacture a solid timber table that truly looks solid, is built solid and can withstand the toughest of conditions. Our heavy duty tables are used in a variety of commercial situations and are all built to last.

Its not just the timber that counts, large cross section timbers used in outdoor areas are firmly assembled with galvanised hardware. Some even use duragal angle iron to hold them together as standard "Bunnings" brackets are simply not sufficient to brace and assemble these massive tables.

Solid timber tables are not just about the thickness of the material, but how it is assembled and fixed together. Depending on the furniture unit in question, we often rebate the timber joints to strengthen the connection point and prevent it moving. Some units are secured from underneath to avoid weather getting to the fixings - it all helps to ensure the furniture lasts that bit longer. A top coat of oil, varnish or stain will also greatly increase the life of the units. The other key factor is making the furniture from timber that has proven weathering properties and you would have to say that ironbark, red gum and treated pine are amongst the most durable timbers that can naturally withstand the elements.

These heavy duty tables can be dressed or sawn.
indoor solid timber table This elegant indoor coffee table can be made from 1.2m to 2.4m in length and is a solid timber table that looks great indoors.

The dressed version comes with a coat of furniture oil to give it a shine and protect the surface from spills.
Nothing larger than our solid tables made from sleepers
rustic solid timber table made from sleepers This setting can be made from ironbark, red gum and treated pine and all versions of this solid timber table weigh in at well over 500kg.

The one above was made from treated pine and stained to give it a colour to match its surroundings.
Solid tables rely on a solid frame and these 'A' frames are ideal
Heavy duty tables in the form of A frame tables These tables are made for commercial sites, parks and gardens but can also be used in other area where heavy duty furniture is required.

The version above is made from 45mm thick boards whereas the larger section tables have their tops made from 200x75mm sleepers. Available in 1.8 and 2.4 lengths.

The beauty about using sleepers is that they are maintenance free. The rustic look of outdoor heavy duty tables improves with age as the timber starts to show its true characteristics.

Whilst furniture made from sleepers might not be every ones favourite, it does have several advantages. We do also have a large range of heavy duty tables made from thinner 45mm thick material on our tables tab.

For the best range of solid timber tables Melbourne has to offer you just need to preview some of the photo galleries to see that we have it covered in multiple desighn. Check out the larger range of solid timber tables on our products page. All these tables can be built to any scale so remember that we manufacture to order and give us a call today. If you would like a solid timber table built to any specification or design we would be only to happy to quote for it.

Defining heavy duty when it comes to these heavy duty outdoor tables.

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