Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Descriptions or our tables include : Firm, Solid, Strong, Tough, Robust, Sturdy, Durable & Heavy Duty. And our solid timber tables live up to all of those descriptions.

TK Tables produces Melbourne's best range of commercial quality heavy duty timber tables and furniture made from sleepers and thicker timbers.

We manufacture very solid timber tables and seats made from durable timbers and assemble them with quality hardware. One of the toughest timbers is the Australian ironbark, and this is what we use in making much of our timber furniture.
Not only do we use tough and resilient timber in our construction but we also ensure that the frames and timber members are at least 45mm thick. This ensures that even the longest of our solid timber tables won’t bend and bow.

Our selection of both hardware and timber choices means that we can warranty our furniture because we know that it will last in any commercial environment. Our tables are used in some of the most extreme weather conditions including the snow fields as well as schools where they are constantly tugged and jolted around.

A key factor in building solid heavy duty timber tables is to make them durable. Here the biggest threat is weather. Some of the tough timber tables are destined for parks and gardens and will live out their time in damp and humid conditions. This is no place for the light frame jobs as they would perish in a few years. For these types of areas we have a range of heavy duty outdoor timber tables made from 75mm and upwards to railway sleepers. These durable solid timber tables and seats can be left out for years and still retain their strength and firmness despite battling the best that mother nature can throw at them.

Solid timber tables in 'A' Frame designs
A frames from 75mm thick timber are strong timber tables made for parks and gardens
Heavy duty timber tables for parks and garden
these tough timber tables and seats are used in parks
Economical tough timber tables from red gum
durable tough timber tables are made from redgum
Compact and strong timber tables for cafes
compact and solid timber tables made for commercial cafe areas
Heavy duty timber table made from sleepers
industrial strong timber tables and seats made from railway sleepers

Most of these outdoor solid timber tables are large, they are ideal for picnic areas and are built on a basis that they are virtually maintenance free for the duration of their time. Whilst some hardwoods may look good in these outback areas, they simple don’t weather well. In the parks and gardens domain we normally manufacture in treated pine as it is resilient to weather , fungal and insect attack. In sheltered areas or where the outdoor tables are under cover, Australian hardwoods can also be used.

Our advice to domestic clients is stick to the tough timber tables made from substantial timber at least 45mm in thickness. The thin slat stuff will initially look good but once it starts to deteriorate it will be next to useless as it looses its rigidity.

In the commercial world where you have cafes and patios and eateries, the choices are slightly broader as these areas also require sturdy robust tables and seats but they also need to be washed or wiped down regularly and look attractive to clients. We have a range of durable heavy duty timber tables for these covered areas that are dressed and oiled to give them a smooth surface and a gloss shine that highlights the natural timber grains underneath.

These protected tables are also strong timber tables but suited to sheltered areas away from rain and ongoing moisture. We use that same quality hardware on these tables and tend to hide most of the fixing hardware where possible. Again these strong timber tables are made from at least 45mm thick dressed timber that won’t rock and roll as people clamber over them. They are tough but beautiful and inviting and will attract customers to come and sit down on a well built heavy duty piece of furniture.

Defining heavy duty when it comes to outdoor tables.

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