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Timber A Frame Picnic Table Choices

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A Frame picnic table option

We manufacture timber picnic tables in a variety of timbers and with a variety of sizes, both in lengths and material thickness and finishes. Since we make outdoor living furniture rather than mass produce any one item price lists can get lengthy.

Different timber comes in different sizes therefore the overall size of the timber table can vary slightly.
As an example a common 'A' frame bench seat made from treated pine timber can be made from :
one piece of 190mm wide x 45mm thick piece of timber or
two pieces of 90mm wide x 45mm thick with a gap between or
two pieces of 140mm x 45mm with a gap to give an overall width of 290mm

Red gum timber however does not come in those sizes and is normally available only in 200mm wide sections. It can however be cut to 100mm widths or 150 but you may end up with wastage that adds to the cost.

Which one to choose ?? Here are a few facts.
The narrower the pieces of timber the easier it is to achieve a desired overall width. Some people also believe they look aesthetically better.
Narrow pieces require additional central bracing.
Narrow pieces have more surface area for weather to attack and don’t tend to last as long as larger solid cross sections.

When considering timber for outdoor furniture we therefore recommend that people use larger cross sections where possible unless there is a valid reason not to. (ie you might want to provide cushions and a 300mm wide seat is preferable to a 200mm wide seat. However let’s face it, when it really comes down to it 'A' frame picnic tables are not designed for long term sitting !!

Please remember that dressed timber used in timber furniture will require periodic maintenance to retain that great smooth look and finish.

Heavy duty units are braced with Duragal angle iron. All other tables are braced with timber struts. Overall sizes are approximates as our timber suppliers may have sight variations beyond our control.

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