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TK Tables are the leading suppliers of public and commercial picnic tables in Melbourne. Locally built in a large range of styles, sizes and materials. Invest in a solid wood picnic table for your outdoor area today.

picnic table in a domestic garden setting

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Treated pine heavy duty picnic tables are a very functional piece of furniture, yet most are seldom used for country picnics ! Today we tend to use them in schools, cafés, sports grounds, commercial sites and eateries. A solid wood picnic table is the most common outdoor communal furniture item.

They are extremely functional robust and cost effective if designed and built well. TK Tables offer the largest range of quality outdoor timber picnic tables in Melbourne and at the best prices too.

conventional picnic tables Melbourne designs

The conventional A frame picnic table comes in a large range of sizes and materials. We actually have a separate page just to handle the variations possible for conventional picnic tables. These are priced from $688 with a variety of designs and sizes to choose from. These are commercial grade and not the flimsy back yard jobs or flimsy kits that you pick up at Bunning's or Masters building supplies.

This range also extends to an extra heavy duty 75mm thick commercial grade timber for parks and gardens.

Outdoor dining is a way of life in Australia and a solid outdoor setting is almost an essential part of our lifestyle. The outside atmosphere provides fresh air and sunshine and removes people from the busy confines of a house or work place. Outdoor dining is a healthy alternative and whether you have a formal dining area or just a simple trestle table, this is type of eating bonds people without the everyday distractions.

But there are a lot more styles over and above the conventional 'A' frames that you may consider you your location. All have different characteristics and each is suited to a different style, yet each is an extremely heavy duty picnic table.

A massive outdoor setting from sleepers A simple crossed legged picnic table The strong and sturdy solid wood picnic table Free standing table with unattached benches Large Kings setting with 4 sets of benches

Call today to discuss the opportunities and options available with the various styles.

In the back yard, outside a cafe or in parklands, picnic tables are very functional furniture for relaxing, dining and entertaining. TK Tables does not compromise on quality and we work with our clients to match their requirements to the right type of picnic table to meet its intended conditions.

Our range of outdoor picnic tables includes dressed, and sawn finishes, rustic and elegant, modern or conventional. They are all manufactured from quality timber right down to quality bolts that hold them together. From large to petite, the following samples shows some of the diversity of timber picnic tables that are available. We pride ourselves on offering the best range of picnic tables in Melbourne and this is simply because we build to order and not to any one particular style.

The above profiles come in Treated pine, merbau, ironbark, greygum, hardwoods, redgum and cypress. Actually any combination is available ! We even have a range of wheelchair accessible options so check out the wheel chair accessibility page for outdoor picnic tables. A solid wood picnic table is a small investment in enjoying years of outdoor living.

If you are looking at something slightly different to a conventional 'A' frame picnic table than maybe one of these might inspire.

Sleeper Picnic Table. rustic picnic table made from sleepers This rustic looking picnic table is made from new sleepers and is designed to withstand both the weather and years of use with no maintenance.

Made from Treated pine sleepers or ironbark sleepers this is the extreme in heavy duty picnic tables which requires a large area.

These tables are designed to be maintenance free and are not movable so consider carefully where you want to place it.
Picnic Tables with Back Rests. Comfortable backed picnic table and seat With this simple design we have allowed for the back rest to be positioned in a few spots to increase/decrease the angle and to move it back if necessary. It can be set up to accommodate any body size. More of a home backyard option than a parkland, but it is very comfortable.

This is one of the best offers available for patios and one of the most comfortable 'A' frame picnic tables to sit at for extended periods.
Square picnic tables that can be scaled up to any size.
square picnic tables made in 3 thickness ranges A favourite with the public because of its simple access and no needing to climb over seats. When scaled up it is a favourite for commercial outdoor public areas.

The smaller domestic tables are made in a 35mm thickness.

The heavy duty larger tables are made from 45mm thickness.

The commercial range for parks and gardens are made from 200x75mm treated pine sleepers.

Check out the larger range of conventional A frame picnic table choices page and for the non conventional ones on our products page. For the best and most affordable picnic tables Melbourne has to offer, you can't go past a quality TK Table. If you really want a picnic table to a different design, please give us a call. Remember that we manufacture to order and have the best range in Melbourne when it comes to solidly built tables.

If your requirement for a picnic table includes a cutting edge look with a modern classic design then you can’t go past a TK Table. We specialize in providing clients furniture that is not just sturdy and solidly built but is also eye catching with its classic finishing and clean designs, or if you are after the rustic looks we have those too. We provide our clients the most extensive collection of custom made outdoor furniture that is created using new as well as recycled Australian timber that is known for its quality as well as resilient nature. Our furniture specialists process in manufacturing always keeps the clients requirements uppermost in their mind and produces pieces of furniture that do not just suit your personal taste but also fit perfectly in the space they are intended to occupy.

Our eclectic collection of heavy duty picnic tables provides clients with ample choices and possibilities and to indulge their own creative as well as decorative side while perfectly balancing the functional settings of your home, retail or commercial space. Our furniture designers with their extensive professional expertise and excellent understanding of outdoor furniture can provide you with multiple choices that are suitable for both the commercial and domestic markets. Our custom made furniture specialists can create the perfect outdoor picnic table for clients with the minimum possible hassle to give your outdoors a fresh new look.

Our widespread range of treated pine picnic tables offers everything in terms of designs and finishes – the Sleeper Picnic Table is simply designed to offer solid strength and durability, picnic tables with backrest are not just perfect for your garden but work well as the impeccable furniture for your patios and our Dressed Hybrid ‘A’ Frame picnic table which is ideal for sheltered areas works well not just for cafes but also in retirement homes and other areas where ease of access and a clean smooth surface is important. Apart from these three extremely popular and sturdy options our range contains various other options that are designed to meet the individual needs of different clients.

When selecting TK Tables you can rest assured that you are choosing a furniture specialist that offers you products that are custom made in Melbourne, hand crafted and designed in a way which makes them ideal for any outdoor setting and weather condition for years to come.

For solid quality picnic tables Melbourne is fast becoming the best location to source these for both private and commercial use. We are constantly receiving enquiries from interstate, simply because there is not comparison on both the quality and affordability of TK tables.

Our specialists are experts in creating furniture pieces not just for residential homes but commercial settings like pubs, bars, restaurants as well retail outlets throughout Melbourne and country Victoria (and even some interstate clients). We provide clients designs that are long lasting, weather proof, clean and solid.

We help you turn you vision into a reality and custom make almost any style of solid furniture that you may require. One off orders and requests are freely welcome. TK Tables provides the most innovative and unique selection of furniture at the most affordable prices.

Customer satisfaction is our motto and we offer it to our customers, public and commercial alike. The satisfaction stretched to the quality of the finish and the affordability of the products. In fact our combination of quality as well as economical pricing is something that is hard to come by in today’s fast paced retail world.

With an ever growing list of satisfied clients, you too could own a custom made picnic table.

If you would like to transform a picnic tables appearance and prolong its life then maybe consider having it professionally stained. A solid wood picnic table made from kiln dried treated pine can be stained to any colour. All our outdoor wooden picnic tables come with a price match guarantee and workmanship warranty.

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