Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Beer garden solid outdoor timber furniture for pubs, clubs and outdoor venues

Sturdy Red Gum sleeper outdoor furniture. These solid timber tables and seats are perfect for outdoor furniture, add substance to where they are located and become a focal attraction point. They are very solid, functional and relatively maintenance free. The tables can be made from treated pine, red gum or iron bark timber in 100mm or 75mm thickness

We also have 'A' frame Picnic tables, but if you want something that stands up to a pub brawl, then you cant go past these solid tables and seats. Both tables come in 2 sizes.

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The Kings Table
Solid Railway Sleeper Table

Railway sleeper table and benches
These seats and table are made entirely from Recycled 'A' Grade railway sleepers and will retain a rustic look with railway spike holes and impressions.

Available in 2 sizes:

1.8m long x 675mm Wide For full pricing on all our products simply select the appropriate left hand menu options: (3 Sleepers) or
2.4m long x 900mm Wide : (4 Sleepers)

Rustic in look, and as sturdy as a rock, these will withstand anything

And yes they are extremely heavy to move around. The timber tables effectively won't move but bench seats can be moved if desired. Alternatively we can anchor the bench seats if required.

The table can also be made from Ironbark, redgum and treated pine sleepers

The Kings Setting
This is an up scaled version of the table above and is 970mm wide x 2300 long with bench seating all round.

It is made from 200x100 ironbark / greygum sleepers and provides plenty of room for party-goers. In commercial environments the benches can be anchored into the ground to prevent people moving them about.

Low on maintenance and resilient timber will mean that this table will be functional for a long time to come.

The Royal Bench Seat
Outdoor red gum timber bench seat
These timber seats are made entirely from 200x75mm thick timber with rounded smooth edges on all members.

The surface can be dressed to give it a real smooth finish if required. This is a very heavy piece of outdoor timber furniture at approx. 150-200kg depending on timber choices.

It would complement any pub, garden or courtyard. The seats are normally 1.8m long but can be made up to 2.4m long if required.

Conventional Sleeper Table
This timber table and bench seats design van be made from treated pine, red gum and ironbark timber.

They can be made to any length with the default 2 being:

1.8m long x 600mm Wide : (3 Sleepers) and
2.4m long x 800mm Wide : (4 Sleepers)

The surface is sanded and all splinters and all sharp edges are removed. The tables can also be dressed for a smooth finish if required.

Country pubs most welcome but this pub furniture will look good in any sporting club as well. If you require more conventional A frame picnic table seating then we also have a wide range of options.

TK tables is Melbourne's best supplier of outdoor furniture and solid timber tables.

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