Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

TK Tables are Melbourne's outdoor timber picnic tables specialists. Our 'A' frame tables designs are the strongest in the market.

large solid outdoor timber picnic tables

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For sheltered and open areas we have the largest range of outdoor picnic tables in Melbourne.

We also guarantee the best quality and prices on all our solid picnic tables and use fully galvanised fittings throughout. The table tops and seats in our 'A' frame picnic tables are made from F7 kiln dried treated pine to reduce timber movement (not the cheap builder grade pine that others often use to reduce costs). Whilst treated pine is the most common material we also manufacture these in ironbark, greygum , redgum, cypress and merbau. It's the most extensive range of picnic tables Melbourne has seen.

The diagram below shows many of the regular design and combinations of outdoor timber picnic tables that we use, however this is all customisable because we build every item to order.

solid picnic tables Melbourne designs

The conventional A frame outdoor picnic tables come in a large range of materials and sizes. For pricing click here. We have over a dozen variations to choose from and if you don't find it there we are more than happy to custom build to your specification.

TK Tables are used extensively in clubs and commercial premises where a solid build is essential. With picnic tables Melbourne based monthly specials sometimes provided specifically discounted versions to make them even more affordable.

These outdoor timber picnic tables affordably start from $688 with multiple design options available. Extremely solid by default and we even offer a couple of extra heavy duty commercial grade ones designed to be used in parks and gardens in remote, humid and moist conditions.

We believe the key to success is providing quality and we don't compromise in that area. We start by hand picking the material for each job and discarding timber with faults. It may be more expensive to do this but we have never had a warrant claim so it pays off in the long run.

The quality extends beyond the selection of timber and goes well into the construction methods as well. All our joints are tight and the frames are rebated to ensure that our outdoor picnic tables maintain their shape no matter how much force is applied to them. The choice of hardware is similarly important with fully galvanised materials being used throughout.

Outdoor timber picnic tables create an alternative outdoor living area in any garden setting. Take advantage of our longer summers and enjoy the outdoors with your friends seated around one of these great tables.

Size does matter and there are several considerations that are important when choosing the dimensions. We are the only manufacture that has such an extensive range of widths, and each has its own characteristics. There are very few outdoor timber picnic tables in the 1.0m wide range, yet we have found this to be one of the most popular designs. This is simply because it creates a sociable seating arrangement. With the wider widths you are not staring directly into the person on the opposite side of the table but rather sharing across to a broader open space. It truly is amazing what a difference that little bit extra makes.

We have often said that our 600mm wide tables are great for cafes where you gaze into your partners eyes - these are very intimate designs. The 1.0m range are the opposite and are a very sociable design and the 800mm range are go-betweens. Many times the widths are governed simply by available space. The price variation between the various sizes is marginal so there is no excuse in not having outdoor picnic tables made to meet your specific needs.

Picnic tables are also not limited to 'A' frame designs. We have many more options that cater for both public and commercial demands. Take this park table for instance. These will last for life and are made from 15 sleepers each. commercial outdoor picnic tables


With Victoria being a garden state it is no wonder that outdoor timber picnic tables are a common feature in most recreational reserves and slowly they are becoming a common feature in commercial sites where that are often used as staff lunch tables. The choice is obvious as A frame tables are solidly built and have little maintenance associated with them.

T frame treated pine outdoor picnic tables In addition to the conventional 'A' frame picnic tables we also have several 'T' frame and hybrids to choose from. The 'T' frame picnic tables are ideal for cafes and dining areas where getting in and out of your seat does not require climbing over it. Hybrid outdoor timber picnic table

We make everything to order, so the final shape, timber selection and surface finish is entirely up to you. Whether you need a fully dressed and oiled smooth finish that is easy to wipe down for your sheltered cafe or a simple treated pine picnic table for the back of the sports oval, we can cater for both extremes. All are solidly built and will give you years of service. The attached TK tables badge is your guarantee of quality.

Here is an option you may not have considered, why not get an A frame picnic table and replace the benches with these great complementary treated pine chairs. They are easy to move around and more comfy than the benches. Ask for a price variation. outdoor timber picnic table chairs

Check out the larger range of outdoor timber tables on our products page but if its not there or you want some special outdoor table that is slightly different, please give us a call. Remember that we manufacture to order.

If you would like to transform your outdoor wooden picnic tables appearance and prolong its life then maybe consider having it stained.

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