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An outdoor park bench can be found in almost every school, sports oval or caravan site. This must be the most simplistic outdoor timber furniture component every designed, and they will look just as great in your backyard as they do in parks or schools.

single sleeper garden bench garden bench with high sides makes a perfect timber seat with arm rests A frame timber garden bench TK Tables are the indoor and outdoor garden benches Melbourne largest suppliers

A simple outdoor timber garden bench is sometimes all that is required to transform a backyard into something with a character of its own.

You can go for a clean look of smooth treated pine to complement a modern home or a rustic sleeper to offset an established garden.

(these 2 sleepers are fixed together and anchored to stop them toppling over) They make a sturdy timber seat that fits right into your garden.
simple divider or bench timber seat in the garden

The choices and convenient scalable sizes of our timber garden bench collection makes it easy to pick a bench that will fit into your surroundings.

These outdoor garden benches are both elegant and practical. Yes you can sit on them, but the kids can play on them, you can exercise on them, or with the sleeper range you can even use them as stands for pots. The more rustic a garden bench the less maintenance there is too so do be fooled into believing that it needs to be painted to look good !!

Use the garden bench as a seat or simply an elevated table to place pot plants on. The uses are only confined by your imagination.

double width turns an outdoor garden bench into a table Add 2 timber benches together to form something wider or add 3 together to form an outdoor coffee table.

We use galvanised brackets screws and bolts to attach the feet to the seat. This way they can be moved around easily. If you prefer they can be anchor to concrete or in the case of parks and gardens these units are often anchored 300mm into the ground - this will stop them toppling over or being moved.

For outdoor timber furniture, if you need a school bench or a commercial park bench, call us today to discuss your requirements.
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