Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Rustic furniture made from sleeper that works well in the outdoors.

Timber Sleepers are a common choice for timber for outdoor garden furniture. Timber sleepers simply last and they look good in a garden setting. New sleepers in their large range of thicknesses make attractive furniture. This type of solid outdoor furniture adds to the character of a garden, is functional and relatively maintenance free.

Outside of railway sleepers which are covered elsewhere on this site, new timber sleepers are either made from treated pine, ironbark or red gum. All these timbers are very durable and because they are new and fresh from the mills, they don't have the spike holes and rock impressions associated with railway sleepers. These sleepers come in thicknesses that range from 50mm right up to 150mm.

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'A' Frames
A frames made from 75mm thick timber are solid furniture items
these wonderful benches are the simplest furniture from sleepers
Timber Tables
solid red gum sleeper tables are economical rustic furniture pieces
Bench Seat
this extended bench illustrates furniture made from sleepers
Timber Seats
red gum sleeper based solid furniture seat is available in Kit form

Understanding the choices in New Red Gum, Ironbark or Treated Pine Sleepers

New red gum sleepers come in a range of thicknesses so they are easy to adapt to solid furniture. We tend to use 50mm, 75mm and 100mm thick red gum sleepers in our range of products. These all have a relatively fine sawn finish in their natural state.

Ironbark is very similar to red gum but has fewer imperfections and is one of the toughest and heaviest timber around. It too comes in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm thickness and can be sanded or dressed in its finished state.

Treated Pine also comes in 50, 75 and 100mm thicknesses, however it is sometimes laser cut which produces a finer reeded finish and also marginally reduces the final timber sizes. For example a 200x50 sawn finish is the same structural timber as a laser cut 190x45mm piece of treated pine.

All these materials weather well and will turn a greyish colour over time if not treated. The main characteristic between the two are that underlying colour differences and the weight. They are ideal for school grounds, parks, sporting clubs or anywhere where you want a solid looking piece of timber outdoor furniture that lasts. A timber table made from sleepers will last indefinitely.

All these timbers can be dressed to create smooth outdoor furniture or you can leave it in its natural state and obtain a rustic outdoor look. The choice is really up to you.

Keep in mind that once timber is dressed and oiled it needs to be periodically re-oiled if you want to preserve the underlying colours or else mother nature will turn them back to their rustic setting.

Oiled or natural both these timbers weather well outdoors.

A large range of our timber tables, garden furniture and benches are made from sleepers and we are one of only a few manufacturers that manufacture furniture from sleepers. These are not IKEA kits as most of the furniture made from sleepers ranges from 100kg to 750kg and needs special tools and careful planning and assembly. The pine block below is a perfect example of some lovely rustic furniture and how it complements a garden area.

treated pine block table

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