Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Royal timber bench seats for parks gardens and memorials

A stunning garden bench seat that can be used as a memorial seat of simply as a comfortable retreat in the yard. The strength and size of the seat also makes it a viable commercial garden seat or park seat.

commercial garden seat or memorial seats

A very stylish seat that will enhance any setting. The timber finish is dressed smooth with a coat of furniture oil to give it a shine and protection from the elements. There is a wonderful balance in the smooth rounded edges mixed with the slight rustic look of the timber grains showing their dominance. Please keep in mind that new sleepers will all acquire surface cracking as the timber dries. The degree to which this happens depends on the rate of drying and the type of timber used.

The seat is slightly tilted backwards and the back rest is also inclined to give a comfortable seating position. The seat is secured from underneath and the legs are all pinned together from the rear.

The commercial garden seat lengths are normally 1.8m or 2.4m, however we can vary this if required. Seat height is 450mm at from edge and 430mm at the rear of the seat.

The Kit version comes in 5 sections that are easily assembled by the DIY handyman. All holes are predrilled and the hardware is supplied.

For a look at the construction method visit us on youtube
commercial garden seat

In Ironbark / Greygum 1.8m & 2.4m
190 x 70 mm sleepers (approx) Std F11 Grade $ 1,855 $ 2,090
190 x 90 mm sleepers (approx) Std F11 Grade $ 2,420 $ 2,805
190 x 70 mm sleepers (approx) F14 Grade** $ 2,115 $ 2,365
190 x 90 mm sleepers (approx) F14 Grade** $ 2,810 $ 3,195

**F14 graded ironbark is structurally graded with minimal knots, veins and imperfections leaving nice clear grain throughout and ideally suited to being dressed and oiled to give it a real smooth finish.

These can be purchased as semi assembled KITS for the DIY handyman.

KITS have been assembled and disassebled to ensure all holes are treated and the parts fit together perfectly.

Kits consist of 5 sections. 2 x side leg sections (already assembled), 2 x seat sleepers + 1 x backrest plus coach screws. You will need a socket set to fit the coach screws into the pre drilled holes.

* Please note that due to restrictions in Red Gum timber harvesting, 70mm thick red gum sleeper are in short supply and very rustic in character with vein holes, grub holes and cracking

Options and extras

memorial seat leg extension

Extended rear legs to imbed into the ground (up to 600mm)
70mm thick sleepers
Ironbark $ 100
Extended rear legs to imbed into the ground (up to 600mm)
90mm thick sleepers
Ironbark $ 115
Memorial seat engraving at $8.00 per character each $9.00
Second and additional coats of furniture oil each $ 85
Seat arm rest

Arm rests on sides of seat.

190mm high x 90mm wide

  $ 175
Fixing : Attach 4 x feet brackets with M12 holes for dynabolts and/or anchorage to existing concrete. set $ 60
Fixing : (The simplest and cheapest option) We supply 2 gal M12 coach screws that are screwed into the bottom of the rear legs and extend 100mm below ground level. YOU simply dig a small hole, fill it with concrete and sit the seat over it. set $ 25

All these commercial garden seats weigh over 100kg. The figures below are for ironbark, with red gum marginally less and treated pine slightly less again. The larger units will require several people or a good electric hoist to move the seats.

Approx Weights (ironbark) 1.8m 2.4m
70mm thickness 140 kg 170 kg
90mm thickness 180 kg 220 kg

solid sleeper bench seat in dressed and oiled ironbark

Sleepers sizes are approximate as there is some variation in their widths and thicknesses. The final cross section size of the dressed timber can therefore also vary accordingly.

Delivery fees per table of $250 apply for the Melbourne Metropolitan area, defined as 20kms from the CBD. Outside of that radius please refer to our delivery rates guide. Volume orders have discounted delivery rates.

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