Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Solid timber outdoor lunch tables for commercial and industrial use.

outdoor lunch table

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Strong sturdy industrial lunch tables - built for real men and women on the job.

Couldn't your lunch or smoko area use a lift ? With a quality built, sturdy and good looking lunch table.

Encourage your staff out into the fresh air in their breaks to sit and relax on quality built timber lunch tables.

Great for team building - a happy work force is a productive workforce.

There are over a dozen timber picnic lunch tables in this range and they are prices from $688. The outdoor tables also come in commercial grade timber for parks and gardens. (Those heavy duty lunch tables are made from 75mm thick timber whereas the default tables are built from 45mm thick timber - we don't tend to build in lighter gauge material)

Our range of outdoor lunch tables includes dressed, and sawn finishes, rustic and elegant, modern or conventional. They are all manufactured from quality heavy duty timber right down to quality bolts that hold them together.

You will find that our outdoor lunch tables will last a lifetime and your workplace and employees will appreciate the opportunity to take their break outside.

Obviously the choice of timbers, timber sizes and overall table sizes is totally up to you and we are happy to discuss and manufacture to your requirements. The below samples shows the diversity that is available.

Invest in your workforce and give them a seat around the table !!

Dressed Hybrid 'A' Frame Outdoor Lunch Table.
Hybrid outdoor lunch table for backyards and cafes

The hybrid A frame outdoor lunch table can be made in Hardwood or Merbau and is lightly oiled before delivery.

These 2 dressed outdoor tables are a favourite for outdoor dining areas with their clean smooth surfaces.

Simple Red Gum Timber Lunch TablesRustic red gum outdoor lunch tables
A great solid outdoor lunch table made from new red gum or treated pine sleepers. These outdoor tables come in a range of sizes and are extremely low maintenance.

They are simply solid lunch tables that will last indefinitely.

Check out the larger range of outdoor garden furniture on our products page but if its not there remember that we make everything to order and to any design, so if its not there give us a call because our craftsmen love a challenge and love playing with new designs.

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