Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

High quality solid outdoor timber dining table settings. A quality range of outdoor dining furniture.

For the top end of the market we offer The No Top Screws Designs (NTS), high quality outdoor dining tables and outdoor dining furniture.

The NTS designs are a high quality extension and alternative to the conventional A frame picnic tables. They clearly stand out over the conventional designs and make an elegant outdoor dining table.

No Top Screws design A frame outdoor timber dining tables Melbourne quality range


No Top Screws Designs This is the outdoor timber dining tables Melbourne best quality A frame table V's Conventional Designs Conventional Style A frame Picnic table makes a great outdoor dining table

It may not look obvious from the photos above but there are major differences in the finish of these tables. The following is a quick comparison between the Conventional A Frame picnic table and the NTS designs:

The legs are 125x75 for conventional A frames and 140x45 for the NTS designs

There is a lot more sub frame timber in the NTS designs and it looks more substantial and furniture like.

The NTS is a smooth dressed finish whereas the conventional tables have a sanded and reeded finish.

There is an option to have the seats replaced with separate movable benches as illustrated.

Every edge on the NTS designs is rounded & the tables come professionally pre-stained with 2 coats of Cabot's based stain or a clear polyurethane depending on the underlying timber choices.

The quality grade of the timber is higher in the NTS designs as timber with any ugly knots is not used in the construction.

And there are no surface screws on the tabletop or seats - just a smooth clean finish.

These make a great solid outdoor dining table and can be used indoors as well.

Whilst all our tables are solid and sturdy, there is really no comparing the quality finish and style of this design. And yes there is a price tag difference too. Depending on timber selection and size, the NTS range of outdoor dining furniture starts at $2,225 for the conventional style and $2,720 for the separated benches design. For more details, please call and we can elaborate on the differences and provide a written quote in a timber of your choice.

Compare Conventional A Frames NTS Conventional A Frame NTS A Frame With Separated Benches
  A Frames make perfect outdoor timber dining tables to be enjoyed all year round This outdoor dining table is the quality high end in A Frame picnic tables this high quality timber dining table setting is ideal for outdoors
Style C
140x45 boards
1.8m $1,300 or 2.4m $1,340 1.8m $2,705 or  2.4m $2,855 1.8m $3,305 or  2.4m $3,455
Style E
190x45 boards
1.8m $1,335 or 2.4m $1,385 1.8m $2,765 or  2.4m $2,920 1.8m $3,365 or  2.4m $3,520
Kiln Dried treated pine
Light Sanded
Staining $470 optional
*Selected Kiln Dried Treated Pine
 *Professionally Stained - included
 *Fully dressed smooth
 *Routered edges
 *Fully screwed from underneath
*Selected Kiln Dried Treated Pine
 *Professionally Stained - included
 *Fully sanded smooth
 *Routered edges
 *Fully screwed from underneath

For full pricing on all our products simply select the appropriate left hand menu options.

Conventional picnic tables are more affordable and still offer a great dining experience. If you are looking for alternative designs, please refer to our tables section.


Queensland Spotted Gum Gem

If you would like a piece of true Australian kiln dried spotted gum furniture (or other species) in this design then maybe the table below is for you.

Made from solid 200x50mm spotted gum boards, dressed and oiled with 4 coats of Tung Oil. This is rare furniture grade timber and not laminates. The larger table is approx 250kg.

$ 8,500 Table size 2400mm x 1140mm with 2 long and 2 short benches
$ 6,900 Table size 2400mm x 1140mm with 2 long benches 350mm wide
$ 6,500 Table size 2400mm x 950mm with 2 long benches 350mm wide
spotteed gum outdoor timber dining table

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use these are the pick of the crop tables that are custom made to order.

Give that dining area a lift and have the furniture stained to match the decor or even have the dining tables built from dressed timber to give is a real furniture look.

In the most economical 'A' frame range there are over a dozen outdoor timber dining tables starting from $820. The outdoor tables also come in commercial grade timber for parks and gardens. (Those heavy duty picnic tables are made from 75mm thick timber). This heavier version of outdoor dining furniture is more of a rustic look as it is made from heavy duty sleepers.

Our range of outdoor dining tables includes dressed, and sawn finishes, rustic and elegant, modern or conventional. They are all manufactured from quality heavy duty timber right down to quality bolts that hold them together.

You will find that our outdoor dining tables will last a lifetime and your workplace and employees will appreciate the opportunity to take their break and relax on these comfy units.

Obviously the choice of timbers, timber sizes and overall table sizes is totally up to you and we are happy to discuss and manufacture to your requirements. With the largest range of conventional A frame outdoor dining tables on offer and a host of affordable Hybrid and T frame designs there is bound to be a table right for you.

For the best outdoor timber dining tables Melbourne has to offer, we believe we have the best range and all at competitive prices.

Check out the larger range of timber outdoor dining tables on our products page but if its not there or you want an outdoor table that is slightly different, please give us a call. Remember that we manufacture to order.

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