Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Commercial grade outdoor timber tables. Custom made in Melbourne and assembled onsite.

TK Tables provides the best range of quality solid heavy duty outdoor timber tables made from various sleepers and solid thick timbers.

Our range of commercial grade timber tables is extensive as we build these tables to order and to fit the clients needs. The degree of customisation includes choices of timber, timber sizes and even hardware. As an example our default build might include galvanised batten screws which would be ample for a factory setting table buy in an unsupervised area like a park it might require a heavy duty screws and bolts or even security bolts to prevent people tampering with the furniture.

These are all options that are available and can be discussed as part of the quotation process.

For full pricing on all our products simply select the appropriate left hand menu options.

Solid 'A' Frame Picnic Tables built to commercial standards
commercial outdoor timber tables used in parklands and gardens
Sleeper based commercial timber tables for parklands
tough commercial outdoor timber tables and seats
Solid T Frame commercial outdoor tables for cafes
commercial grade timber tables for cafes
Commercial timber tables Melbourne pubs and clubs
durable commercial timber tables on a budget
Heavy duty commercial outdoor timber table for parks
industrial solid sided commercial timber tables Melbourne

Thickness counts and everything in this range will last. These commercial tables are designed for environments where there is extremely heavy traffic and a requirement for low maintenance.

From left to right :

1. A frame timber picnic tables make ideal commercial outdoor timber tables. Whilst most are made from 45mm thick timber we have a range that goes up to 75mm and is ideal for wet, humid and hard to get to places. By default all our commercial timber tables use fully galvanised hardware throughout to ensure the fixtures don't corrode. These commercial outdoor timber tables are ideal for public areas like parklands, pubs, schools as well as commercial sites like factories or outdoor cafe dining areas. These can also be made from ironbark, treated pine or dressed hardwoods for sheltered areas like cafes where a smooth wipe down surface is important.

2. The sleeper heavy duty outdoor timber tables. Made from 15 200x100 sleepers this is a large eating area and is ideal for larger parks, caravan sites or resorts. The overall footprint required for the table is 2.4m x 2m. These commercial outdoor tables require no maintenance and are idea for those isolated areas. Because they are made from sleepers they can be left in the harshest of environments but then again they would look ideal at the end of the 18th tee on any golf course as well.

3. These smaller solid commercial grade timber tables are often used in cafes as they take up minimal space and have their benches attached to the tables to prevent people moving them about. They can be made in 100 or 75mm thickness and won't mid the spills. Again these are extremely low maintenance and the weather only makes them look better with age.

4. The commercial timber tables Melbourne entry level must be these simple durable conventional sleeper tables that can also be made from treated pine. A more cost effective conventional designed table its sheer size and mass make it stand out. The free standing benches can be move around if needed or they can be anchored into the ground. Normally made from 75mm or 100mm thick timber, these have little flare but are very functional and robust pieces of furniture that require no maintenance.

5. The solid sided commercial outdoor timber table can easily be made to multiple widths and is a stand out feature on its own. Several other design options are available that can extend the table width to 1m or the length to 2.4m. They are made from new sleepers but also look great in recycled railway sleepers which gives them a completely rustic and natural outdoor look.

All these commercial outdoor tables use heavy duty galvanised hardware in their assembly. They are designed to be maintenance free and provide a rustic but functional industrial grade outdoor setting.

Our heavy duty outdoor timber tables are made to order and to a design of your choice, with most items assembled onsite due to their sheer size and weight. They are all extremely heavy duty in every respect. TK Tables are Melbourne's largest supplier of commercial outdoor furniture made from sleepers.

There are many more commercial grade timber tables in our range that are built to withstand heavy use but have a lighter profile. Our ability to custom make these to varying requirements means that clients can always get exactly what they require at TK Tables.

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