Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Solid Outdoor Timber Bench Seat Furniture. A range of solid timber seats made from sleepers.

Garden bench seat from dressed red gum sleepers

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I think everyone needs a favourite spot to relax and sitting outside in the garden on a timber seat can be a very tranquil experience. This is where quality timber outdoor furniture in the form of a garden seat or garden bench can be both elegant and therapeutic. Put one of these park seats in your backyard and start enjoying the outdoors.

Nothing will ever replace the versatility of plastic chair at a crowded BBQ but I would bet that the first garden seat taken would be one of our bench seats.

Cheap seats don’t last and often make the area look worse with them than without. However if you invest in the right type of furniture it will look great and complement your garden as well.
To be effective the timber seats should stand out and what better way than to make them from substantial sized timber.

Some garden seats are anchored and cemented into the ground to obtain their stability, others are simply free standing. Similarly a garden bench seat or any timber seat can be anchored if required.

Smooth and elegant or rustic, the choice is yours.

Anchored outdoor garden seat

A simple garden bench does not need to be a fancy item. We have a large range of garden benches made from sleepers and a lot more made in the conventional form of a trestle bench. Some are rustic in appearance whilst others are more elegant. We defined and categorised a garden seat as having a back rest where as a garden bench does not.

A typical sleeper garden seat with a backrest
sleeper garden seat with a backrest
A typical sleeper garden bench without a back rest
sleeper garden benches without a back rest

Whilst the above photos show outdoor furniture made from sleepers, there are also a range of benches and seats that are made from thinner material.

Conventional garden seat with a backrest
conventional timber garden seat
Conventional garden bench without a back rest
Conventional timber garden bench without a back rest

The choices in outdoor furniture can be daunting so consider chat will compliment your existing area. Whatever that may be, we are sure we can custom make a timber seat or timber bench, in the right style for you.

This timber outdoor garden furniture is both elegant and practical. These simple but sturdy outdoor furniture components will give you years of maintenance free pleasure.

With such a large range of timber seats, think about what style of garden seat would suit your backyard and give us a call. For commercial sites we also have the great range of solid park seats.

Call us today to discuss your requirements.

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