Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Solid timber sleeper benches in the traditional style for schools and courtyards. For the largest range of sleeper benches Melbourne has to offer call TK Tables.

A lovely set of benches made from sleepers that will look great in any location

A wooden sleeper bench made in the traditional style. We make our timber benches from a range of timber types including recycled railway sleepers. These are extremely heavy and care needs to be taken if you intent assembling this at home. We can provide these as kits for ease of transport with all brackets and holes pre drilled.

A high sided seat from benches made from sleepers and cleanly sanded back simple solid timber sleeper bench that can be used in any yard

The sheer size of the timber attracts attention and a sleeper bench is a piece of outdoor furniture that will last a lifetime. We can cut and make these benches to any size and assemble them firmly together to prevent the seat slipping off or the bench getting the wobbles on uneven ground.

The new sleepers straight out of the mill are 200x100mm thick so they sit reasonably firmly on level ground, but if you have kids you might consider anchoring them into the ground for safety.

The heights can also vary to make them something to sit on or higher for a place to sit pots or ornaments.

Recycled railway sleepers also make a beautiful rustic bench and these are slightly larger in cross section, usually about 250x125mm. We can also obtain much larger cross sections but these are subject to availability and a lot more costly.

We will normally shave all the corners and remove any splinters to make these as child friendly as possible before delivery.

The standard height of benches is 450-460mm. This can be used as part of an outdoor table setting, but that too can be increased or reduced if required.

The sided versions have side posts 600mm high (ideal to rest a coffee cup on)

Anchored seats have an additional 300mm length added to the legs so they can be set into the ground. These heights and lengths can be changes if required.

Single Bench 1.2m 1.8m 2.4m 2.7m
New Ironbark/Greygum Hardwood Sleepers $380 $445 $530 $580
Recycled Railway Sleepers 'AA' Grade $525 $595 $675 $715


This illustrated bench is dressed and oiled for a clean smooth finish and has its legs extended so it can be anchored into the ground.


ironbark dressed sleeper bench
Item Item Cost
Extra 300mm length legs for anchorage (timber only - you install) New Ironbark/Greygum Hardwood Sleepers $90
  Recycled Railway Sleepers $100
Dressed smooth and routered edges Add 15% to the above prices for ironbark. (minimum of $90 per order)
'AA' grade railway sleepers Dressed smooth and routered edges Add 35% to the above prices for recycled railway sleepers (minimum of $125 per order) Plus
The sleepers must be pressure cleaned beforehand
Cabot's clear oiling per coat Cabot's Oil per coat $85
Railway Sleeper Bench pressure clean 2200 PSI pressure clean to remove dirt and grease $65

Additional double sleeper benches to suit the "Double Benched Stand Alone T Frame" or just as a stand alone seats

you can buy the sleeper bench without the solid tables

Double Sleeper Benches (each) 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m
New Ironbark/Greygum Hardwood Sleepers $755 $840 $885 $970 $1,060

For something more functional we also have the Low Timber Double Bench Seat Table

low timber double bench seat or table for low sleeper benches Melbourne supplies call TK Tables

Low Timber Double Bench Seat Table 1.2m 1.8m 2.4m
New Ironbark/Greygum Hardwood Sleepers $695 $805 $965
Recycled Railway Sleepers $900 $1,025 $1,150

Thick, Thicker and even larger !

benches made from sleepers can be any width Don't be afraid to ask about really thick benches... They look great but they will take a little longer to source the timber from the mills

And for the conventional standard thickness benches click here.

All outdoor timber furniture made from sleepers is a lifetime investment as it will be here for years to come. These benches can be used as a school bench or even as a commercial park bench.

* Please note that due to restrictions in Red Gum timber harvesting, 100mm thick red gum sleeper are in short supply and very rustic in character with vein holes, grub holes and cracking.

All prices quoted GST Exclusive Please check for updated pricing and availability - Page 36