Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Our sleeper special picnic table comes as large as they get!

A very solid treated pine timber table that is ideal for large public areas. This sleeper picnic table is extremely comfy and can easily seat 10.

sleeper picnic table


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One of the largest outdoor sleeper picnic tables on offer it is made from 200x100 solid sleepers. It can be made from treated pine, ironbark or redgum sleepers. The above has been made in treated pine and stained.

This design can also be modified to include wheelchair accessibility

The required footprint is 2.4m long x 2.1m wide with a very generous 1m wide table top. The design can be increased to a total of 3m in length if required.

Table top and seats are bolted from underneath with 12mm galvanised coach bolts. The table is braced with 4 x solid triangle blocks underneath.

Timber finish is lightly sanded.

Weight is approx 750kg in fresh sleepers, so you would need a massive forklift or electric winch to move these after they are assembled.

2.4m long x 1.0m/1.2m wide Price Price
Ironbark/Greygum 100mm thick $5,215 $5,825

3.0m long x 1.0m/1.2m/1.4m wide Price Price Price
Ironbark/Greygum 100mm thick $6,135 $6,870 $7,580

*For a near perfect sleeper, we have access to a limited amount of 'AA' grade railway sleepers at times. Ask for availability.

Options and extras :

Normal construction fixes the table tops and seats from underneath with coach screws.
Tamper proof construction fixes the table tops and seats with cup head bolt through coach bolts and kinmar tamper proof security nuts as an optional extra $595

Oiled or stained to any colour is an additional $665 including all joins and cut ends.

These tables can also be dressed smooth. For Pine and ironbark add 15% for dressing. For 'AA' grade railway sleepers, add 25% for dressing and the sleepers must be pressure cleaned. 'A' grade railway sleepers cannot be dressed.

Wheelchair accessibility modification add $280


Crane Truck Delivery fees TBA per table apply for the Melbourne Metropolitan area, defined as 20kms from the CBD. Outside of that radius please refer to our delivery rates guide

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