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Picnic tables and garden furniture to relax on that will look good for years to come. Wooden garden furniture that will enhance any setting.

The garden seat above is made entirely from 200x75mm or 200x100mm thick new red gum timber or ironbark / greygum sleepers. The seat can be made in a range of sizes and from dressed red gum, ironbark or treated pine. The seats are then given a coat of furniture oil to protect and highlight the timber surface and underlying characteristics. The seats are normally made 1.8 or 2.4m long.

This is a solid and beautiful piece of outdoor garden furniture that can be incorporated into most garden areas or simply as a relaxing bench seat to sit and ponder.

Garden furniture can be made from a large range of timbers and finishes. It really depends on what you think will work in the garden area you have. It should be designed so that it is both functional and promotes a relaxed feeling. Wooden garden furniture easily blends into the surroundings and can often be stained to match existing decor. Keep in mind that outdoor garden furniture is not restricted to seats and tables, it can easily be a set of benches or even planter boxes with a ledge. Timber is such a wonderful natural resource that in its simplest form it really enhances the look of any garden. The more rustic the look the better it melds into the surroundings.

Our range of wooden garden furniture is manufactured from quality timber right down to quality bolts that hold them together. The range of finishes is as diverse as your imagination and can be vary from dressed to sawn finishes, rustic and elegant, modern or conventional.

The below 3 samples shows some of the diversity in timber garden furniture that is available, but then there are also a range of simple benches and even planter boxes that can all add value to the garden area.

In the long term wooden garden furniture will always look better than steel or plastic alternatives. Age tends to bring out more character in these natural products.

Simple garden benches to relax on and just ponder
A set of garden benches makes for some simple outdoor garden furniture that can be enjoyed by all Smooth finish or maybe a rustic recycles railway sleeper, this is very hard wearing and solid timber garden furniture.

Garden benches can be made to any size and height and are a lovely addition on the lawn or even inside the garden area.

They can be used to sit on or as a decorative table to place plants and other objects. And best of all they are very affordable!
Conventional 'A' Frame Outdoor Timber Furniture
outdoor garden furniture a frame table allow for a refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors The conventional A frame timber garden furniture table comes in a large range of materials and sizes.

This versatile wooden garden furniture starts from $1200 with multiple design options. These A frames also come in commercial grade timber for parks and gardens.

With over a dozen options and styles for these picnic tables there is bound to be one right for you.
Railway Sleeper Garden Furniture A solid red gum garden seat makes perfect garden furniture This simple design timber garden furniture is firmly anchored into the ground. It can be made 1.2 or 1.8m long with one central upright or up to 2.m long with 2 uprights.

Made from recycled 'A' grade railway sleepers this has already lasted for years and has plenty more to offer.

This rustic beauty will complement the surroundings, is recycled and therefore 'green' conscious.

TK Tables are the garden furniture Melbourne specialists when it comes to manufacturing from sleepers. Check out the larger ran of timber garden furniture in our gallery pages and remember that these are only sample of what can be achieved with a little insight and imagination. The backyard will look a lot more natural if it incorporates furniture that is truly designed for outdoor living.

Timber garden furniture can be inspiring and different - having a tree removed ? Well maybe consider leaving the stump and having it turned into a seat or use it as a table base!

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