Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Solid 'A' Frame Timber Picnic Tables For Sheltered Areas

this solid hardwood dressed picnic table makes lovely outdoor furniture

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Dressed and oiled 'A' frame hardwood picnic tables and their hybrids are commonly used in cafés, sporting clubs and back yard verandas. These are solid timber tables made from hardwoods.

These indoor/outdoor furniture items look great as they have a smooth finish and easy to wipe down. If maintained and oiled regularly most timbers will weather well, however the joints need special attention. In sheltered area they will last a lifetime.

The beauty with oiled or polished timber is that it really brings the timber to life and gives you a warm welcome feeling. A polished timber table is also very easy to clean down.

This dressed range of tables and timber furniture is made from Pine, Red Gum, Hardwood and Merbau. These are all long lasting timbers and each has its own benefits. For the best choice in picnic tables call to talk to us.

We use solid timber bracing and galvanised bolts and bugle head batten screws throughout to ensure the furniture retails its strength and looks. Its quality all the way.

Seats and table tops have their edges chamfered and provide a large degree of comfort.

Obviously the choice of timbers, timber sizes and overall table sizes is totally up to you and we are happy to discuss and manufacture to your requirements. There are 4 standard styles that are common

Conventional A Frame
'A' frames make solid timber furniture and can be made in dressed hardwood
Hybrid 'A' Frame
A hybrid a frame picnic table made in hardwood is great for sheltered areas
Boxed 'A' Frame
this timber furniture utilises the bulk look with its square styles
this patio timber furniture stands out

We also have a range of heavy duty outdoor furniture made from sleepers.

TK Tables has a large range of quality outdoor timber tables, which can be used for cafe tables or anywhere where there is a need for solid timber tables.

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