Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Solid wooden timber outdoor cafe tables and cafe furniture made from resilient heavy duty low maintenance timber

cafe table in ironbark

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Outdoor cafe furniture in multiple rustic and classic styles.

For solid cafe tables Melbourne has relied on TK tables to produce some of the finest outdoor wooden cafe tables on the market. By solid we mean durable timber and even tables made from sleepers. Since we custom build to order, our range is only limited by your imagination.

Solid timber cafe tables

solid wooden cafe tables commonly used in outdoor areas

Large outdoor cafe tables

tough large outdoor timber cafe table and seats

solid outdoor cafe tables

Solid but compact cafe table

Steel framed cafe tables

Steel framed cafe tables on lockable wheels

T frame cafe tables

Simple 'T' frame cafe table

Having worked with similar clients we would be happy to work with you in creating the right cafe tables or outdoor cafe furniture to meet your needs. Our outdoor cafe furniture is robust, attractive and functional.

Attractive seating will encourage someone to buy a coffee and snack from your establishment. A short visit customer may just want to sit down at a cosy narrow table with easy access like the one pictured above. It offers style, convenience and a come and go at your leisure opportunity !

Alternatively cafes that offer longer term sitting, be it lunch or dinner may opt for one of the tables below. These clients may want more table space and a clean smooth surfaces.

Whatever your patrons style we have the outdoor cafe furniture that will be right for the function and if not we actually build to specification so we can tailor make to your needs. That's a great help when there are space restrictions to consider.

If it's more of a conventional a frame picnic table that you are after then we have over a dozen options and styles to choose from as well. Our picnic tables are all of a solid construction and will easily take on the heavy traffic in cafe areas.

Timber outdoor cafe tables can be used internally as well in lunch rooms or school canteens. They can even be used in school and lunchroom as cafeteria tables.

With a large range of low maintenance timber cafe tables available, its no wonder many places are starting to install timber cafe tables made from sleepers. These have the advantage of being extremely solid to start with and they even look better as they wear in. Cafe tables in Melbourne are subject to some of the harshest weather conditions and the sleeper range of tables seem to handle these with ease.

Hybrid A FrameA school bench with sidesWith a clean smooth finish these dressed cafe tables remain clean and easy to wipe down after clients. With a generous and economically wide 790mm table top and 1.8m length, they can easily accommodate a family without wastage of space.

These are ideal for cafes with outdoor sheltered areas where they remain under cover.

The major advantage of this style is that there are resonably light to move around and there is no need to step over seats. It is a popular design for the elderly with its smooth finish and ease of access.
Backed A Frame Cafe Table A solid double school benchA simple twist to the conventional 'A' frames adds a bit of comfort to the dining experience. The backs can be assembled to various positions. It's more comfortable than cafe tables and chairs and a favourite for pubs or where people will remain seated for longer periods.

Affordable and a great option for a longer term sit down to enjoy a meal.

Or maybe just one of the conventional solid A frames ! These can be used in most outdoor areas and are very rugged in their construction.Conventional outdoor cafe table
Have plenty of room and want to impress with a rustic appearance?
A pair of school benches Ideal for larger areas and a cafe table that will attract customers simply because of its bulk size and grandeur. Normally these tables are found in public areas like parks and these really are huge beasts. Normally made from treated pine and stained so if you are in a area where standard timber rots away these sleeper cafe table are an ideal solution.

Again with the easy side access these are a favourite for commercial sites. The good thing is that at approx 750kg, they won't move !!

All this outdoor cafe furniture can be custom built to your requirements and to your budget. With a diverse range of timber options, styles ranging from clean modern to rustic outdoors, there is bound to be a starting point for a conversation to replace the old cafe furniture you might have with something new, unique and appealing to the clients.

Beyond just looking good, they all have solid construction to ensure they last with heavy traffic areas. TK tables commercial cafe tables are all locally built in Melbourne for the local market. Our wooden cafe tables are functional, affordable and durable and are made to handle commercial environments.

Our experience has shown that most tables purchased for cafe areas are not as wide as conventional picnic or outdoor tables and as such we have tried to ensure we can accommodate the narrow widths in our designs.

The real advantage with buying your tables from us is that we can easily accommodate any design changes with minimal or no additional costs.

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