Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

Heavy duty wooden timber outdoor cafe tables locally made for the Melbourne market. Cafe furniture made from low maintenance timber that will last in the harh outdoor public areas.

outdoor cafe table in ironbark - in our compact solid range

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Outdoor cafe tables in multiple rustic and classic styles and all built to a quality low maintenance finish.

Outdoor A Frame cafe tables

These stained treated pine A frame tables make perfect outdoor timber cafe tables in busy areas.

Large outdoor wooden cafe tables

for large areas these tough large outdoor timber cafe tables and seats

solid compact outdoor cafe tables

These compact wooden cafe tables are very low maintenance and have a lot of style

Dressed and oiled cafe tables

All our hybrid designed dressed timber outdoor cafe tables offer a clean smooth surface that is easy to maintain

T frame outdoor cafe tables

Simple 'T' frame outdoor cafe tables Melbourne favourite design because they are light and have easy access

Making such a range of outdoor cafe tables means that we are happy to work with our clients in creating the right cafe tables or outdoor cafe furniture to meet your needs. Our outdoor timber cafe tables are robust, attractive and functional.

Attractive seating will encourage someone to buy a coffee and snack from your establishment. A short visit customer may just want to sit down at a cosy narrow table with easy access like the one pictured above. It offers style, convenience and a come and go at your leisure opportunity !

Alternatively cafes that offer longer term sitting, be it lunch or dinner may opt for one of the tables below. These clients may want more table space and a clean smooth surfaces.

No matter what your patrons styles are, we have the outdoor cafe furniture that will be right for the functional area and if not we actually build to specification so we can tailor make to your needs. That's a great relief when there are space restrictions to consider or you are trying to fit in a pre-specified seating quantity into a restricted area.

If it's more of a conventional a frame picnic table that you are after then we have over a dozen options and styles to choose from as well. Our picnic tables are all of a solid construction and will easily take on the heavy traffic in cafe areas. We have a multitude of treated pine designs which can be stained to any colour and also a range made from hardwoods that are tough and heavy. Obviously all made from timbers that will withstand inlement weather.

We have found that commercial sites tend to favour larger table tops whereas cafe areas tend to favour table tops of around 600mm. The narrower table tops create a more intimate environment where people can enjoy their partners close proximity.

The pictures are simply to get you started in thinking about the many alternatives on offer when choosing an outdoor cafe table. When you add this to the fact that we make any size or combination of these, you truly have a diverse range. Start the conversation today to discuss what you would like and we can then give you a few options and discuss any considerations that may need to be made.

Timber outdoor cafe tables can be used internally as well in lunch rooms or school canteens. They can even be used in school and lunchroom as cafeteria tables.

Hybrid A Frame for CafesThese hybrid wooden cafe tables allow for easy side access and are extremely easy to keep clean with their smooth surface Dressed and polished these sheltered area outdoor cafe tables are clean and easy to wipe down after clients. They come with an economically wide 790mm table top and are 1.8m long to easily accommodate a family without wastage of space.

Great for cafes with outdoor sheltered areas and even larger indoor areas.
Backed A Frame Cafe Table All our backed A frame picnic tables make great outdoor timber cafe tables and are priced competitively Affordable and a great option for a longer term sit down to enjoy a meal, add a bit of comfort to the dining experience. The backs can be assembled to tilt at multiple positions.

Or maybe just one of the conventional solid A frames ! The most common form of outdoor dining in cafes and public areas is the old fashioned A' frame picnic table
Have plenty of room and want rustic appearance? Made from a variety of sleepers, these outdoor cafe tables Melbourne bargains need a very large area Ideal for larger areas this outdoor cafe table will attract customers simply because of its bulk size and grandeur.

They are extremely solid and low maintenance but they do require a large footprint.

These tables can also be purchased without the attached benches for sites that have their own seating.

All these outdoor cafe tables can be custom built to your requirements and to your budget. With a diverse range of timber options, styles ranging from clean modern to rustic outdoors, there is bound to be a starting point for a conversation to replace the old cafe furniture you might have with something new, unique and appealing to the clients.

Beyond just looking good, they all have solid construction to ensure they last with heavy traffic areas. TK tables commercial outdoor cafe tables are all locally built in Melbourne for the local market.

All our sleeper cafe tables are assembled onsite simply due to their weight. This means that we can get them into even the tightest of courtyards if required. There is almost no place that cant have alovely sleeper table installed. So remember if you need commercial cafe tables Melbourne is the place to get them!

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