Solid timber tables and outdoor garden furniture

TK Tables supplies solid wooden benches Melbourne wide with bench seating custom built in a range of styles to suit indoor and outdoor areas.

simple solid wooden bench

A wooden bench made in the traditional style. We make our bench seating from a range of timber types and they all are made to a solid standard that will withstand even the heaviest of use.

Conventional wooden trestle bench with 45 deg bracing Conventional wooden trestle bench with under bench bracing

A wooden bench can be a simple piece of furniture that has a multitude of purposes. TK Tables makes benches from a range of timbers for both indoors and outside. These are all made from heavy duty timber to ensure they will withstand heavy traffic in either domestic or commercial environments.

The range listed here encompasses wooden benched made from 24thick timber, however we have a separate section for benches that are made from sleepers and other thicker materials.
The first item to discuss is the intended location of the benches. If they are destined for indoors then almost any timber type can be used. However if the benches are to be used outside and are exposed to weathering then the timber must be resilient to weathering conditions. For outside areas we highly recommend timbers like treated pine, cypress, merbau, ironbark and redgum as all these timbers will weather well.

Since all timber types are not available in every width we have put together the most economical versions in the price charts below. This does not mean that wooden benches can not be made outside of these widths or lengths, but merely that it may cost more to do so.

Lets start with the simplest designs first. These are the conventional wooden bench with a central brace and the alternative with 45 degree bracing to support the legs. Bench seating requires some form or bracing to prevent the legs becoming loose over time and both options provide this feature.

We recommend a bench seat height of 440mm which is the common height of a standard dining chair. The bench seating can be made higher or lower if desired with low seats being popular for non dining activities or where the bench is not part of a dinning setting.

All our wooden benches have sharp corners removed and can be supplied in raw timber, oiled or stained. The Radiata pine versions are only suited for indoor use. Both the conventional style and the 45% braced versions are priced the same.

240mm Wide Benches - Conventional Bench 1.2m 1.8m 2.4m
Kiln Dried F7 Treated Pine $520 $615 $690
Victorian Ash Hardwood (Dressed smooth) $615 $670 $755
Merbau (Dressed smooth) $770 $945 $1,115



Oiled or Stained Add $210

Pictured :- solid 1.8m Merbau bench seat oiled with 2 coats
solid merbau wooden benches Melbourne manufacturers

Volume enquiries are most welcome so call us today to discuss your specific requirements. All our wooden benches are of a commercial quality with heavy duty timber and construction methods ensuing they will withstand the heaviest of use.

Another very popular design is the ‘A’ frame leg design. These wooden benches are normally sold with our outdoor dining settings but can also be purchased individually. Flexible and independent bench seating can be used anywhere rather than being fixed to s table as in a conventional picnic table.

The one pictured below has an elegant shape and is supplied in a variety of timber types both in a raw finish and also in a stained or oiled finish. These complement the conventional ‘A’ frame picnic tables and look very stylish in outdoor settings.

There is a significant amount of detailed work that goes into building a quality wooden bench and we highly recommend having these stained to preserve and enhance the longevity of the product. All timber that is not stained will eventually turn a dull grey so if you want it to stay looking good, this is a truly worth while option.

The Tassie Oak or Victorian Ash wooden bench should only be used in sheltered areas as the timber will perish quickly if exposed to the elements.

outdoor wooden benches and bench seating for picnic tables


280mm Wide Benches - 'A' Frame Benches 1.2m 1.8m 2.4m
Kiln Dried F7 Treated Pine (reeded) $550 $595 $680
Victorian Ash / Tasmanian Oak Hardwood $665 $785 $905
Seasoned Spotted Gum $875 $965 $1,130

These trestle benches look best when stained or oiled with 2 coats sealant. This is an additional $180. If you have gone to the trouble of having dressed timber that shows the beauty natural grains, then protecting it to prevent the sun UV from fading the surface is just common sense.

We also have a range of benches made from sleepers and a further set of benches or bench seats that have a back support.

All outdoor timber furniture made from sleepers is a lifetime investment as it will be here for years to come. These benches can be used as a school bench or even as a commercial park bench.

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